Camila Mendes Dishes on Her New Role as Creative Director at LOOPS Beauty

We've been obsessed with LOOPS Beauty's sheet masks since we first tried them earlier this year, but now that actress Camila Mendes has signed on with the brand as a partner and creative director, we know we're about to become even more hooked.

The Riverdale star isn't just an immense talent and fashion icon, but also one of our biggest inspirations in the beauty space, and we honestly can't think of someone who'd be a better fit. After all, LOOPS is a skincare brand built around delivering powerful results, while also being a comfy, nourishing way to practice self-care.

We had the pleasure of being able to chat with Camila to learn all about her new role with LOOPS, why they're her favorite masks and the brand's upcoming retail partnership with Ulta. Keep reading to discover everything she shared with us!

Sweety High: What made you realize you just had to become involved with LOOPS?

Camila Mendes: I've always struggled to find a face mask that not only fits my face right but also stays on my face. I said this to a friend once and she recommended LOOPS, so I ordered a pack and was obsessed after the first use. LOOPS is so in line with my skincare values so when I had the opportunity to join the team it just felt like a natural fit.

Camila Mendes in purple suit holding LOOPS variety set of masks

(Image courtesy of LOOPS)


SH: Why is it so important to you to have a great skincare routine, both for maintaining great skin and as a form of self-care?

CM: I like approaching my skincare routine with the philosophy of building sustainable habits. When work gets super busy, the only consistency in my life is how I spend my time at the beginning and end of each day. If I can maintain a routine no matter where I am in the world, or no matter how busy I am at that moment in time, then I'm pretty much guaranteed successful results both in my professional and personal life. We've all experienced that rush of confidence when you get into a good groove with your skin. LOOPS has played a huge role in helping me find that groove.

Camila Meneds wearing LOOPS masks

(Image courtesy of LOOPS)


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SH: What does your role as creative director entail? Is there anything you can tease about what's up next from LOOPS?

CM: I'm really looking forward to being a part of brand and product development. That will be a big part of my role. I have been on such a journey with my own skin that I have a lot of thoughts around what has worked and helped me so I can't wait to see what would be helpful for the LOOPS consumer.

Camila Mandes Loops mask next to face

(Image courtesy of LOOPS)


SH: What would you say sets LOOPS apart from other sheet masks out there?

CM: Aside from the elevated quality of skincare, the functionality of the product is unlike any mask I've tried before. LOOPS advanced hydrogel tech prevents the masks from slipping and allows them to actually stick to your face. The fact that I can wear my LOOPS mask while making coffee or doing laundry makes me that much more motivated to use the product.

Camila Mendes wearing loops undereye masks

(Image courtesy of LOOPS)


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SH: What can you tell us about LOOPS exciting partnership with Ulta?

CM: Starting Aug. 1, LOOPS will be available nationwide across 450 stores, which is such an exciting development for the brand. I honestly can't wait to be able to walk into an Ulta store and see our LOOPS masks lined up on the shelves. We're also looking to launch a few more products later this year, so there may be some fun pop-ups and in-store events down the line as well.

Camila Mendes yellow outfits with loops masks
(Image courtesy of LOOPS)


SH: Do you have a favorite LOOPS mask?

CM: I love that LOOPS masks allow me to do other things while I am taking care of my skin. With my schedule these days I need my products and routines to keep up with me and LOOPS definitely does. I am loving the Hyper Smooth mask. It's one of my ultimate favorites.

Camila Mendes Loops hyper smooth mask

(Image courtesy of LOOPS)


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