Camp Snoopy's 30th Anniversary With SweetBeatTV!

In the latest episode of SweetBeatTV, our host Alex Schiffman heads to Knott's Berry Farm for the 30th anniversary of Camp Snoopy!

Kat McNamaraKaran Brar and Jacob Hopkins stop to chat with us about their love for Snoopy, Charlie Brown and the other Peanuts characters in the middle of all of the Camp Snoopy rides and festivities!

Audrey Whitby, Joey Bragg and Skai Jackson  also tell us how excited they are for the event in the typical trombone style of Peanuts adults! Wah wah mwah mwah wah!

During our time at Knott's, we also found out which occupations the stars' pets would have if they worked, and hear all about their favorite summer plans!

Alex also hops on the new ride, Linus' Launcher, with Audrey and Joey for a fun-filled flight!

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