Memes You'll Definitely Relate to If You Can't Even Get a Text Back

In a world filled with people who live on their phones, is it really that hard to respond to a text message?

Girl texting

(via Unsplash)

Apparently it is, because we're constantly waiting on replies that never come.

If you've dealt with the pain of not getting a text back, keep scrolling for nine memes you'll find all too relatable.

1. Well this is just unfair:


2. It's never coming:


3. Seems like a fair expectation:


4. It's fine, we didn't even want to talk anyway:


5. Well that changed quickly:


6. This hit a little too close to home:


7. We're past the point of positivity:


8. When penguins' love lives are better than yours:


9. This is not the text we wanted:


While we hate when we don't get a reply, we have to admit that we're not always the best at texting back, either. Click HERE for 10 things you'll only understand if you're a bad texter.