How Cash and Maverick Baker Made Their Iconic 'Whatever It Takes' Music Video

Whenever we're trying to make our own videos go viral, we look to some of our favorite examples to get a little inspiration.

It also happens to know how those videos got made, and that's exactly what  Entertainment Weekly's new TikTok series, How We Do, is all about. The show highlights some of the biggest creators on the internet and the stories behind their most viral vids of all time, and in the latest episode, Cash and Maverick Baker (@cashandmav) tell us the story behind their  classic "Whatever It Takes" music video.

Meet Cash and Maverick

Cash and Maverick are two brothers who've become massively successful on YouTube, not just through their vlogs, prank videos and hilarious challenges, but also because they're super talented musical artists as well. Originally from Oklahoma, the two eventually relocated to Los Angeles for their careers—and better wifi, as the guys joke. The guys do it all, so it's no surprise that today, they have more than a million followers on YouTube and a collective 37 million followers between their joint and individual pages on TikTok.


'Whatever It Takes'

Cash and Maverick's "Whatever I Takes" music video was their very first, but you wouldn't know it based on how sleek and professional it looks. The video begins with a girl distracting Maverick while a group of guys kidnaps Cash, and the rest of the video is a mad dash to save him. In the video, Maverick hops on the back of a motorcycle to pursue his captured brother as Cash deals with his kidnappers. It'quite the story for a music video, perfectly matching the feel of the track, and we love the way it ends. In case you're not among the millions who've already seen it, you can watch it here:


How We Do

In their episode of How We Do, Cash and Maverick reveal the story of how "Whatever It Takes" became their breakthrough video on YouTube. It all started with that incredible story, with the guys wanting to emphasize the plot over the the simple dancing and singing you'd see in a lot of other music videos. They filmed the whole thing in one day in downtown Tulsa, moving between the city and a sketchy-looking warehouse to really sell the feel of their video.

One of the most memorable moments has to be Maverick running through a long line of people to save Cash, but what you may not know is that those weren't hired extras. There happened to be a Travis Scott concert in town that night, and all of those folks lined up were actually random people waiting for the big show. It's a good thing they were there, because they really sell the intensity of the story.

They also explain that once they released their music video, they were only getting started. They also had all of their friends share it on Instagram, and created a TikTok trend round it to generate as much buzz as possible. The video now sits  at more than 76 million views on YouTube, so clearly the duo did something right!

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