This Cat's Winged Eyeliner Game Is Stronger Than Yours Will Ever Be

There's no shortage of adorable cat accounts on Instagram.

I would know, because I spend all my free time trolling the app to find them.

While I've stumbled upon many precious felines, this recently discovered kitty truly stands out among the rest.

Meet Pumpkin. She's a Golden British Shorthair residing in Australia.


Clearly she's one of the cutest cats around, but it's not just her gorgeous fur and big green eyes that captivate me.

Pumpkin was blessed with the strongest winged eyeliner game around. 


Unreal, right? Her eye makeup is more on point than mine will ever be.

Unfortunately, Pumpkin will never be able to reveal her secret to perfecting winged eyeliner, seeing as she's a cat and was naturally born rocking the look. If only I were so lucky.


And just when you thought Pumpkin was nothing more than a pretty face, she revealed a few other tricks she had hiding up her sleeves, er, paws.


Don't forget to follow Pumpkin on Instagram, because she's equally worthy of keeping up with as the Kardashians.


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