I’ve always been an avid tea-drinker.

You name it—black, green, white, oolong, rooibos—I can’t get enough. Still, when it comes to what teas I choose to drink, convenience also matters. I know that the tea that comes in bags tends to not taste as good because it’s more ground up and the ingredients aren’t as fresh, but using bags for loose-leaf tea is wasteful, and many tea infusers can be tough to clean, without doing a great job of keeping debris out of your drink.

So when the team behind CHAIBOY reached out to me about trying their luxe loose-leaf teas for a taste test and review, I looked forward to their flavors, but not so much the process. That is until I was introduced to CHAIBOY’s “The Strainer.” It’s completely changed the way I drink tea, and if you’re a tea-lover, you’re going to want to make sure you nab one yourself.

The Brand

CHAIBOY is a high-end brand with a mission of changing the way we all think about tea. They’re all about innovation and creating new experiences around tea through bold blends and memorable designs that make for an indulgent experience. They use only the very best, ethically sourced ingredients in their tea blends, supporting international growers, and you only have to look at their tea containers to see that they do things differently.

At the moment, the brand features four tea blends—Origin, Baal, JOL 247 and Eaudebeurre, and also sells their innovative stainless steel mesh strainer.

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The Experience

The Strainer: $15

I really can’t talk about how much I love what CHAIBOY is about without first discussing The Strainer. This stainless steel mesh strainer is designed specifically to extract the optimal flavor from all of the brand’s blends—and in my experience, it really brings the best out of any tea blend. It has a dual-winged design to allow it to sit at the mouth of any glass or mug, allowing for the correct surface area for tea exposure, and making for an incredible tea experience every time, while also ensuring that not even the finest particles slip through.

This is a game-changer for me because other tea infusers I’ve used in the past don’t seem to allow the flavor to steep properly and aren’t fine enough to keep bits of the tea out of my drink. This one does both of those things perfectly—and I’ve even started using it with beverage powders and drops that tend to leave junk at the bottom of my drinks. Plus, it’s a breeze to clean, so I’ve been using it daily—and have finally made my way through a bunch of loose-leaf teas that have been sitting around because I was too lazy to brew them the old way.

CHAIBOY the strainer



Origin: $25

For my first experience with CHAIBOY teas, I had to go with their Origin blend. It’s a more traditional chai, with Ceylon black tea, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves and ginger. I will warn you that CHAIBOY’s packaging is a little unusual, and the way the lid fits into the jar means that the first time you open it, you may make a bit of a mess, so you should probably hold it entirely upright and open over the trash or the sink, just to be safe.

To brew my first cup of Origin, I just had to pour half a spoonful of the blend into The Strainer before pouring boiling water over it, and in just a minute and a half, I had a decadent, spicy cup of really marvelous chai. I like mine with milk and sugar, so I added those, and the result tasted like fall, with the bold spices complemented by caramel notes. It’s seriously delicious, and it’s a blend I’ve come back to again and again to warm up on chilly spring mornings.

CHAIBOY origin tea



Baal: $25

The Baal blend is something a little different, combining the flavors of lavender with Ceylon black tea for something gorgeously delicate. The brewing process was much the same, except this one needed even less time to steep, and once I’d added my milk and sugar, I fell hard for this tea. It’s definitely unusual, but if you’re like me and you love lavender-flavored everything, you won’t be able to stop sipping this blend.

CHAIBOY Baal tea blend



JOL 247: $25

The folks at CHAIBOY must really love lavender, and for good reason. This JOL 247 blend combines herbal rooibos tea with lavender to make for something that’s citrusy and floral all at once, and I really adore how vibrant it is. Rooibos teas take longer to steep, so give this one four minutes before you sip, and it’ll be well worth the wait. Because the flavors are complex but delicate, I think this one is best all on its own—but cream and sugar don’t hurt if that’s what you’re into.

CHAIBOY JOL 247 blend



Eaudebeurre: $25

And last, but definitely not least, is the Eaudebuerre—French for “butter water.” I wasn’t looking forward to this one much, because I usually dislike chamomile teas, but this one has completely changed my opinion on the flower, known for its relaxing properties. This tea, with chamomile flowers as its only ingredient, makes for a cup of tea that tastes like a pineapple dream—and a little sugar and cream make it taste like a Dole Whip. Now that I’ve been spoiled by CHAIBOY, I’m definitely never drinking bagged chamomile tea ever again.

CHAIBOY eaudebeurre blend



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Bottom Line

Thanks to CHAIBOY, I’ve not only discovered some of the best tea blends I’ve ever had, but I’ve also been drinking loose leaf tea daily thanks to the ease and convenience of the process. These are premium teas, with premium prices, but they’re worth every penny—and at this point, I really don’t think I could live without The Strainer. If you love tea, it’s a must-try, but be warned—it may make it tough for you to ever go back to the bagged stuff.


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