9 Changes You Can Expect to Experience This Fall When You Go Back to School

In the age of coronavirus, heading back to school this fall is about to be one of the biggest changes you'll ever endure.

Instead of your typical first day of class where you see all your friends and hug everyone, this time around, everyone might not even be there. Plus, "touching" each other will be strongly discouraged. Learning is going to be different, as well as socializing. Quite frankly, everything is about to change.

Keep reading for the nine new changes you can expect to experience this fall when you go back to school:

Wearing Masks

This should come as no shock, but wearing a mask is going to be required at pretty much every school. Upon walking into your classroom and probably even during lectures, you'll be expected to wear a protective covering. During lunch and when you need a sip of something to drink, don't worry, you'll be able to take it off!

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Desk Dividers

Instead of having a normal desk situation come the school year, things are going to look a bit different. A lot of schools are going to invest in desk dividers, most likely a plexiglass barrier of some sort. Since it's clear, you'll be able to see everything going around you, including the white board, teacher and your classmates.


Different Bus Ride Experience

Riding the bus to school can honestly be quite a fun experience. Picking up your friends on their routes and chatting it up on your way to school is a good way to connect with others and pass the time. However, due to social distancing guidelines, you likely won't be able to sit next to other students. That means fewer people on the bus, and probably less socializing.


Socially Distanced Desks

In classrooms, desks are typically relatively close together, but that will no longer be the case. Desks will need to be spaced six feet apart from one another in order to enforce social distancing guidelines. That also means there will probably be fewer desks in the classroom due to a lack of sufficient space.


Fewer Partner Projects

When you're set up with a partner for a project or homework assignment, that typically means meeting up one-on-one and having some close face time. However, since schools are trying to avoid students being close to one another, group projects might be cut down. It's honestly a good thing, because there'always that one kid who does the bare minimum!

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Staggered Schedules

One of the best parts of going to school is seeing your friends. Catching up, having lunch together and flirting with crushes will never get old. However, with staggered schedules now being the new norm, it'll be quite different. You might not have the same lunch schedule as your friends or even your crush this fall.


Temperature Checks

Upon entering school grounds, you might be subject to a temperature test. It won't be anything invasive, and in all likelihood, staff will place a thermometer in front of your head to get a temperature reading. Since it may make walking onto campus take a bit longer, we recommend getting to school earlier this year.


Time In-Between Classes

Whenever the school bell rings to indicate class is over, that typically means everyone rushes out the door and heads to their lockers. The hallways are crazy crowded and don't follow social distance rules. That's why people will likely be let out of class at different times, in order to avoid an influx of students.


No Big Group Gatherings

Another fun part about regular school that will be missed this year is big group gatherings. From pep rallies to school assemblies, they will likely not happen, at least for the time being. While it's a sad part of school you'll definitely miss, just have faith that one day soon things will get back to normal!

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