This Is the Only Product Saving My Chapped Lips

It's the most wonderful time of year for our emotions—the worst for our lips.

As someone who wears lipstick on the reg, the combo of its application and the dry air does a number on my puckers. Like, why can't I have Selena Gomez-level lip perfection all year round?

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I find that all the products said to help with chapped or massively dry lips either just irritate them more or don't do a thing, period. That is, except Kaike Frosting moisturizer product.


The founder of Kaike reached out to me and asked if I'd be interested in trying a few of their products, but most of what she sent is for the face and body, so I need to set aside time to use them in the bathroom.

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But the other product she passed along was indeed the Frosting. In a small tub, the vegan, cruelty-free product is incredibly easy to apply and can be purchased for $25 HERE. No joke, my lips instantly felt better after a few rubs. The burning caused by the chappedness suddenly disappeared, and when I looked in the mirror later in the day, my lips were noticeably smoother.

The best part is it's encouraged to use this product from head to toe, which is great because my hair gets incredibly dry after a few weeks without a trim. It's also apparently useful for bug bites, burns and rashes, and even as a facial mask. My guess is it's called "Frosting" because it has a similar consistency to actual frosting, but without those pesky additives.

Kaike specializes in scrubs, masks and oils. Founded in 2015, the company (pronounced "cake"), prides itself on being all-natural and vegan. Their motto is, "We consider Kaike to be a good carb!" Ugh, don't we wish all cake were this guilt-free?


If sweet-smellin' makeup is totally your thing, you'll love THESE cake-flavored lipsticks!