Everything I Discovered About Myself Through a Reiki Session With Rose Botanica's Founder

When it comes to wellness and beauty, one size definitely does not fit all.

Self-care boutique Rose Botanica knows this well. Founded by wellness guru Chelsea Poling, who left a job at NASA to start the company, the concept is based around the idea that taking care of yourself should be a personalized experience based around your specific needs.

When I expressed interest in the company, Chelsea was kind enough to invite me into her home to see some of her organic products firsthand, and to experience their power through a Reiki session with her. I'd never undergone Reiki healing before, so I was super curious to see if and how it might impact my body and mind.

When Chelsea welcomed me into her place and I entered the first floor, I was hit by the lovely aroma of various essential oils. This small part of her home is used as a storeroom for her business, and that scent somehow made me feel simultaneously more invigorated and relaxed. Essential oils are a powerful thing.

As we walked upstairs, she offered me some water and homemade tea as she told me more about her business and talked me through Reiki and how it works. Essentially, it's all about the transfer of energy. By lightly touching key points on my body, she could channel positive energy and feelings of love into me, rebalancing my chakras and helping me work through any physical or emotional issues I was having. From the moment I met her, I could tell she was super smart, but also extremely warm. She gave off a generous and caring energy, and I was excited to work with her.

She said that I may or may not be able to feel this process happening, and that some people feel results immediately and others feel them much later. Sometimes people feel overwhelming heat where they are touched by the healer's hands. With all of that in mind, I didn't know exactly how my session would go, but I was optimistic about the process.

More than anything, I was hoping to work through some tiredness and feelings of being overwhelmed. Following the time change in November, I've also had to adjust when I come into work at Sweety High because of some construction happening at home. I don't feel like I've fully adapted to either just yet, and I've been much more tired than usual. Plus, holiday season is approaching quickly and I haven't been feeling quite prepared for it.

Chelsea had a clean, cozy room with white furniture and curtains ready for me for my Reiki session. I laid down on my back on a comfy spot on the ground with one pillow beneath my knees and another under my head, with Chelsea's little altar, featuring healing crystals, wellness oils and a singing bowl, nearby.


Before we got started, she gently rubbed some Uma Pure Calm Wellness Oil into the soles of my feet. She told me that because of the large pores in the feet, they absorb the benefits of essential oils more quickly than most other parts of the body. It seemed to work, because within moments I felt extremely relaxed.


From there, she put on some gently meditative music and told me to close my eyes and take deep, slow breaths. This simple process got me into a more zen state of mind. It was quiet for a while, and with my eyes closed I didn't know if the Reiki process had begun, but then Chelsea gently cradled her hands under the back of my head and held them there for a while before touching my forehead, and then my right shoulder. From there, she moved in a clockwise (from my perspective) motion around my body, sometimes softly pressing in, and other times holding her hands just above me. Occasionally I could feel the heat from her hands, even when they didn't connect with my skin or clothing.

For whatever reason, I can't remember much of what I thought about during the session. All I can recall is that I was very concentrated on maintaining deep, slow breaths, and occasionally honing in on any unusual physical sensations I felt. Even when Chelsea was floating about me with her palms, I felt that I could slightly feel where she was channeling the energy. And though I did what I could to keep my body relaxed, there were moments when I felt my body tremble or jerk suddenly. I didn't ever feel cold during the process, but sometimes I'd get a powerful chill, or even feel goosebumps shoot up my arms, before they'd subside.

When the session was over, Chelsea gently chimed a Tibetan singing bowl to rouse me from my rested state. When I slowly rose, I had no idea how much time passed, though I believe the session lasted almost 90 minutes. It wasn't long before I realized precisely how refreshed I felt—almost like I had just gotten a full night's sleep, but without the grogginess I get when I wake up. I felt truly energized for the first time in a long while.

Afterward, Chelsea talked to me about what she felt within my energy. She sensed a lot of very active energy concentrated in two specific parts of my body: my right wrist, and my left hip. She said that the right side of the body is associated with masculine energy, and that energy has to do with putting a lot (maybe too much) into my work. The left hip, on the other hand, is feminine and has to do with emotionality and giving a lot of myself. But my favorite thing was that she said that when she was transferring energy to my feet, she got a vision of me in a field bathed in golden light. She said that it was a sign that I'm a kind, good person. I'll definitely take it!

Before I left, she walked me through some of her favorite products in the Rose Botanica shop. She started off by giving me my very own rose quartz crystal face roller. While crystal healing has been used to promote healthy skin for centuries, rolling this over the skin is said to help maintain good skin tone and blood circulation. While I can't attest to whether it does any of those things just yet, it feels really good on the skin—particularly when it's a little cool to the touch.


Next, she showed me some of the awesome crystals she has on sale in her shop, coming in various shapes and sizes. This included a larger white selenite heart, said to promote calm, peace and access to past and future lives. She also had a few small rose quartz objects, including a heart, skull and wand, on display. Rose quartz is associated with love and the heart, making the owner more open to giving and receiving love.


She also wanted to showcase some of her favorite beauty products from Ursa Major, including natural bamboo face wipes, pH balancing face wash and face tonics and aluminum-free deodorant. The deodorant is a personal favorite of Chelsea's as she's decided to stick to all-natural products herself.


But one of Rose Botanica's simplest items might be my favorite. With each order from the store, you get a free mantra sticker that'll help remind you of what you need to remember most in life. They even have a little quiz questionnaire that creates a personalized regimen for your skin, body, spirit and internal wellness by letting you know which mantra is right for you.


I just filled it out and found out that my mantra is "I Am Balanced," and by repeating this mantra and really feeling that I am balanced in my soul, I just might be able to experience greater balance in my everyday life. When I feel like I'm being pulled in different directions, I'll have to remember that I am balanced, and that there is goodness in my heart. And I'll probably have to get my hands on some of that gorgeous-smelling Pure Calm Wellness Oil (even if it does retail for $85).


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