9 Jolly Instagram Captions for All Your Christmas Light Photos

Spectacular Christmas light displays are just one small part of why the holiday season is so special.

When you see lights that take your breath away, capture that memory and share it with the rest of the world with the help of one of these festive Instagram captions.

For that almost mystical-looking photo of the night sky glowing with Christmas lights:

"Fairy lights and winter nights."


(via Unsplash)


For the jolly selfie in front of the radiant lights:

"May your days be merry and bright."

-Irving Berlin, "White Christmas"


For that photo of your dad struggling with the Christmas lights:

I've learned that you can tell a lot about a person by the way (s)he handles these three things: a rainy day, lost luggage, and tangled Christmas tree lights."

-Maya Angelou


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For the nostalgic light display that turns you into a little kid:

"Christmas lights instantly make me feel 6 years old again."


For when the whole neighborhood is covered in twinkling lights:

"All the lights are shining so brightly everywhere."

-Mariah Carey, "All I Want For Christmas Is You"


For when your family's smiles are as bright as the Christmas lights themselves:

"Christmas is not in tinsel and lights and outward show. The secret lies in an inner glow."

-Wilferd Peterson


For that picturesque avenue with all the trees decked out in lights:

"Where the treetops glisten."

-Irving Berlin, "White Christmas"


For the lights that leave you awe-inspired:

"Oh Christmas lights, light up the street. Light up the fireworks in me."

-Coldplay, "Christmas Lights"


(via Unsplash)


For the festive light display that just makes you feel the season:

"I love Christmas, not just because of the presents but because of all the decorations and lights and the warmth of the season."

-Ashley Tisdale


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