Cimorelli Loved Divergent and Told Us Why!

Divergent released in theaters across the United States a week ago, and the sisters of Cimorelli saw it three times over the weekend! We heard straight from the girls why Cimorelli loved Divergent!

In a recent conversation with Sweety High, Lisa and Amy told us why the movie meant so much to them.

"I just saw the movie Divergent three times over the weekend, and I was so inspired," Lisa said. "That movie was full of girl power."

Lisa and Amy discussed the role of the heroine, Tris, and why she was such a strong role model for girls.

"Tris, was so in control of herself and her destiny," Amy said. "She knew exactly what she wanted and she had the strength to be what she wanted to be."

They even took to Twitter to share the Divergent love!

"Just a little emotional after seeing @Divergent for the third time…" the girls wrote on Twitter, sharing a photo of Dani, Lauren and Lisa reacting to the film.

Stay tuned for even more on what Cimorelli had to say about Divergent and girl power. Also be sure to check out our Divergent coverage here, take our Divergent Aptitude Test and join us at for even more Cimorelli exclusives!