The Cincinnati Zoo Created an Animal Dating App To Help Their Furry Residents Find Love

Dating apps are currently all the rage for sparking a modern romance.

The Cincinnati Zoo, however, is using dating app technology in the best way we could possibly imagine: to help their adorable animals find love!

Red Pandas Kissing

(via Facebook @CincinnatiZoo&BotanicalGarden)

The zoo director, Thane Maynard, compared their Species Survival Program to, explaining that the animals are matched together on a variety of different criteria to make sure they are compatible. By comparing the different characteristics of each animal, the zoo is able to determine which animals will be most successful as mates.

The new technology has been so successful that the Cincinnati Zoo has experienced a huge baby boom over the course of the past year, including the birth of many endangered species and the adorable baby hippo, Fiona.

Fiona Playing

(via Facebook @CincinnatiZoo&BotanicalGarden)

With all their success, we might just ask the Cincinnati Zoo to lend us their software for our own romantic interests!

Click HERE to learn more about the zoo's modern approach to animal mating!


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