Learn the Incredible Viral Story Behind CKay's 'Love Nwantiti' on Spotify: Mic Check

If you can't get enough of discovering the true stories behind your favorite songs and artists, you have to check out Spotify: Mic Check.

Mic Check is all about connecting the world's biggest artists with their fans from all around the world, featuring deeply personal conversations with international musicians and podcasters to tell the most honest and intimate versions of their stories. Past episodes have featured country star Morgan Jade and indie-pop artist Julia Wolf. The latest, released Nov. 29, features Nigerian singer-songwriter CKay, best known for his viral Afrobeats song "Love Nwantiti," and you have to give it a listen.

First of all, if you don't yet know "Love Nwantiti," also known as "Ah Ah Ah," check it out here—we dare you not to get hooked.

Thanks to the track, written in his native language, Igbo, CKay is the most-steamed artist on all of Spotify, and it doesn't appear he'll be losing that title anytime soon. In the episode of Mic Check, CKay explains how the song was written about his own love life, and how a bootleg version of an illegal remix of the song went completely viral without his knowledge before he found out and took ownership of the song, propelling him to stardom.


But before all of that, CKay had to take matters into his own hands. In the podcast, he describes where he grew up, and how he had to run away from home in order to follow his dreams to become a musician. Success was anything but instant as he invented his own genre of Igbo Afrobeats, but his belief in himself always kept him going, and eventually got him where he is today—though being on Spotify certainly helped, as the platform helped bring his music to the international masses.

For the full scoop. straight from CKay himself, listen to the full 10-minute podcast below.


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