Here Are the Best Houseplants for Love and Energy This Valentine's Season

Whether you're single or coupled up this Valentine's Day, chances are that you'd be open to inviting a little more love and positive energy into your life.

While there are plenty of ways to do this, from practicing positive affirmations and vision boarding, if you haven't tried feng shui yet, it just might be the time to get started. And if like us, you don't know much about the practice, you're in exactly the right place.

We got the chance to chat with Clara Leung, owner of Clara's Green House, who not only sells beautiful plants, but also teaches buyers how each plant is used in feng shui, and how to keep plants thriving and healthy. Shop from Clara's Green House on Facebook Marketplace and Square, and keep reading to learn how to incorporate plants into your space to maximize love and energy.

Sweety High: Can you speak about feng shui and the role houseplants can play in it?

Clara Leung: Feng shui encourages us to live a balanced and positive life. Green houseplants bring you life and positive energy. And recently, feng shui has started to adopt a few colorful plants such as red, pink, white, purple and a few more bright colors. Blue or brown are not recommended.
The science proves houseplants promote O2 levels. Good feng shui houseplants ensure your health and well-being and thus good luck in many areas.


SH: How do plants benefit from the positive energy flow encouraged by feng shui?

CL: Houseplants clean up toxic air and have capabilities in increasing healthy O2, and thus create a clean-air environment. A clean-air environment brings positive vibes and happy energy.


SH: What are your favorite plants for love and positive energy? How do we care for each of these plants?

CL: Philodendron Birkin: Her leaves' pattern represents a smooth love life. She mostly has white colors on some leaves, and those white colors give you positive vibes. She loves constant indirect sunlight and being watered once per week (except winter, wherein every 1.5 weeks is good due to cold climate).

Shutterstock: Philodendron Birkin There are very beautiful white and green stripes.

(via Shutterstock)

N'Joy Pothos: She is known to have brighter white and green variegations on many leaves. Those variegations show you positive energy. The way her vines run down represents your smooth love life and constant joy. She loves constant indirect sunlight but loves being in partial shade too. Moist soils are ideal for her, so watering her once every five days is recommended.

Clara's Green House N'Joy Pothos

(via Clara's Green House)


SH: What do you love most about taking care of houseplants?

CL: It is my number No. 1 therapy! My home has over 200 houseplants and 20-plus rare houseplant collections.

Each of them has their own personality. For example, when returning on watering day, I was surprised at one plant because their leaves suddenly faced a different window. They must be thirsty for more indirect light even though they like partial shade or filtered sunlight.

What I love the most about taking care of houseplants is feeling like I am in a jungle every time I stand surrounded by them with their different sizes and colors.


SH: How else do houseplants add to our health and wellness?

CL: One of my clients in Europe is a fan of Clara's Green House. She is an ambitious follower of my vlogs and thus she purchased houseplants one by one and is a feng shui believer. Gradually, she forgot her smoking routine. One day she realized she had not smoked for a long time and noticed she is happier and more energized. She wrote me a message to thank me for making her have feng shui houseplants in her house which increase O2 around, and thus she felt a lack of a need to smoke.


SH: Do you have any tips for nursing plants back to health?

CL: In order to nurse plants back to health, do the following steps:

1. Remove old soils. Get new soil and make sure there are foams or perlites, which help build airways inside soil to let air in and out. Keep in mind, plants need to breathe like us.

2. Make sure the planter has drainages at the bottom.

3. Bring them to the sink and water gently onto soil (towards the edge of the planter, not the root point) until you see water start to come out from the drainage. Continue watering for one minute. Leave them alone in the sink for one hour to make sure there is no more water coming out of the drainage.

4. Place them near a window with plenty of indirect sunlight.

5. Mist them once every day for seven days.

6. Eventually, you will see new leaves come out or old leaves boost up.

7. That's it!


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