What to Do When Your S.O.'s Friend Won't Let You Have Alone Time

One minute you're cuddling with your S.O. on the couch, and the next thing you know, their buddy's plopping down right next to you.

The first time it happens, you don't even think twice about it. The more company, the merrier! But when it's a recurring event and you can't even recall the last time you and your partner were alone, something needs to change.

It's definitely an awkward conversation to have, but if you keep your feelings of annoyance—and maybe even jealousy—bottled up, the situation will end very messily. Read on for what to do when your S.O.'s friend won't let you have alone time.

Tell Your Other Half Why You're Frustrated

Start out the conversation by expressing your feelings. Let your S.O. in on your emotions so that they can better understand where you're coming from. Chances are, they haven't even realized their friend is monopolizing your alone time. If you feel ignored, ask your partner to make time for you. If you feel annoyed, tell them you need to feel more desired in a relationship. If you feel jealous, get your S.O. on the same page as you in terms of spending quality time together alone.

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Ask Your S.O. If There's a Specific Reason Why Their Friend is Always Hanging Around

Once you've gotten through telling your partner about your feelings, ask them if their friend is going through something. Perhaps they need time to get away from home, or are simply in a down mood. Whatever the reason may be, there's most likely an underlying reason why they always seem to be around. Don't look at their feelings as invalid—instead, empathize and show your S.O. that you can be understanding in frustrating situations.

Give Your Partner Time to Hang Out With Their Friend One-on-One

Make it clear to your S.O. that you're happy they have friends to chill with. You don't want to come across as the type of person who cuts everyone out of their life once they get into a relationship. Tell them you respect their friendships and are supportive of their relationship with this clingy pal. Whenever your partner plans on hanging out with their friends, consider doing the same with yours. Plus, it will give you a chance to gossip about your relationship—trust us, it's healthy!

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Set Up Date Nights That Are Solely for the Two of You

Now that you've gotten the awkward conversation out of the way, things should be crystal clear. Plan a date night that will be about just the two of you. Put away your phones so you won't be tempted to answer any incoming texts or calls, and simply be in the moment with one another. Once you have alone time together, it will be much easier to have group hangout sessions because you won't be harboring any unspoken opinions or feelings.


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