How to Deal with a Moody S.O.

It's tough to deal when your better half isn't acting all that much better.

It doesn't mean they no longer care for you, it may just mean they're going through something. If your S.O. is being moody, here are the best ways to cope when they get into a funk.

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Find the Trigger

If you find yourself in a situation where your S.O. is being moody, try to think about the trigger. Are grades an issue? Are parents being tough? Try to find what is causing this moodiness and address the issue head-on. Instead of arguing about petty actions, this will help clear the air and move both of you forward.


Take Inventory of the Frequency

Shifts in mood can happen to all of us, but if it's happening more often than not, you may want to take note. First, when your S.O. acts moody, acknowledge whether it's an isolated incident or if it's something they always do. If it's once in a blue moon, then remember to not take it personally. We all have our bad days. If you realize the moodiness takes shape more often than not, then you need to call it a red flag and have an open conversation about it.


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Give Your S.O. Space

It's natural for us to want to be closer to somebody when we feel a shift in their mood. Human nature will make us want to stick around and figure out why our loved one is acting a certain way. As much as that is your instinct, refrain from crowding your S.O.'s space. Sometimes all a person needs is a bit of fresh air and space. If you feel them getting testy and snippy, politely express that you understand they may be going through something and that you will give them their necessary space. Let them know you're always a call away, but that bad moods are sometimes best resolved with a bit of solitude.


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Don't Haunt them About the Episode

After the moody encounter happens and you've given them space, let bygones be bygones. Bringing up the episode will only get them right back to a bad mood. As tempting as it may be, recall times that your attitude has been less than stellar, and try putting yourself in their shoes. Moodiness can happen to anyone and sometimes the best way to get over it is to forgive and forget. That said, if it comes a regular occurrence, that's a whole other issue that you need to look at more deeply.


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