Country Singer Tegan Marie's Band Shares Uplifting Advice for Aspiring Musicians

We talked your ear off a number of times about how amazing of a country artist our sweet little Tegan Marie is, but we thought it was about time to introduce you to the guys who are always there to support her when she's touring—her band!

Sweety High sat down for a quick chat with the guys about the best advice they can give to all musicians hungry to start their own band. Spoiler alert: It's just what you needed to hear to kick your rockstar dreams into high gear.

Tegan Marie and her band

(From left to right: Joey Gandolfo on guitar, Tegan Marie on vocals and guitar, Jack Mudd on drums and Budd Phillips on mandolin)

Sweety High: What's the best piece of advice you can give to anyone who wants to start a band?

Jack Mudd: Find some friends and start jamming! Get familiar with one another as musicians. Every band starts somewhere, and it only grows if you continue to grow in your craft.


SH: What's the greatest piece of advice you've ever received during your musical career?

Bud Phillips: Always play and write how you feel. Love everything you create, because if you don't, you'll never like what you're doing.


SH: What's the most difficult part about being in a band?

JM:  The most difficult part of being in a band growing up was clashing with my friends about which music genre we should play and being in a band with people that aren't as committed as you are.

Joey Gandolfo: Making sure everyone's creative advice is taken into account. Once that's figured out, the end result is incredible.


SH: What pushes you every single day to keep pursuing your passion for music?

JM: My parents are a huge support for me, so they have really helped push me to keep pursuing my musical career.


SH: Which single instrument do you think every aspiring musician should know how to play?

JG: Piano is so important. There are so many different chord structures you can do on a piano that you can't do on most other instruments.


SH: What's your favorite thing about working with Tegan?

BP: She reminds me of myself when it comes to playing and preparing for shows. We both take this seriously. It's amazing to know that people are out there that feel the same way I do about music!


SH: What's your favorite song to perform with her?

JM: I would have to say "Lucky Me"!

BP:  "Lucky Me" is my favorite because I'm not normally a mandolin player but I enjoy the leads I get to play in the song! Plus, we rock it out hard!

JG: "Lucky Me" is so much fun to play. So easy to sing to and we have a really fun jam part to end it.


Speaking of Tegan, her cover of Cam's "Mayday" is incredibly powerful, and we're so proud of the performance she delivered. See what we mean by watching it HERE.