How Coco Quinn Proved Haters Wrong About Walking the Runway

When it comes to dancing and capturing a YouTube audience, Coco Quinn makes it look effortless. But in the modeling world, she faced a lot of criticism—that is, before proving her haters wrong.

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"For modeling, I've done a couple runways before, and I'm really short, so people [were] like, 'You're too short,' " the starlet told Sweety High during Ad Council's Creators for Good She Can STEM Summit at Neuehouse in Hollywood. "But then I went out and did it, and tried my best, and it turned out great—so!"

Coco was among a handful of additional inspiring young ladies at the event, including Trinitee Stokes, Lexi Rivera and Jordyn Curet, along with panelists Daniella Perkins, Olivia Rodrigo and the GEM Sisters.

When it comes to her best life advice, Coco says simply: "Make sure to be independent and a strong woman!" You tell 'em, girl!


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