Flossing Your Teeth Can Be Fun—THIS Brand Wants You to Agree

One of the recurring memories I have of family time growing up is when my father played "Dr. Dad" every so often in an attempt to keep my dental hygiene in tip-top shape, in addition to regular dentist visits.

Let's be honest here, flossing and brushing can feel like a total drag, and when you're too young to really understand the importance of maintaining the healthiest hygienic habits, these seemingly small actions can easily be brushed (no pun intended) to the side.

It was during these "Dr. Dad" times that my father spent a good 30 minutes giving my brother and me (separately) a deep dentist-like cleaning and stressing the importance of flossing, something we especially overlook as youths. Heck, even now, I don't know anyone who truly flosses on the reg.

Well, fast-forward all these years later and it appears my dad paved the way for oral excellence. I not only practice flossing as part of my daily routine, but I happen to thoroughly enjoy it. I cannot leave home without a floss session and a pack of dental floss or Oral-B Glide 3D Floss Picks in my possession for on-the-go needs.

girl in front of mirror flosses her teeth

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When I was growing up, I think one of the big issues with dental floss is it was never packaged or marketed in a particularly appealing manner. It was kind of sold as this pain-in-the-butt nighttime ritual that you can kind of get away with avoiding if you really don't want to do it. Blah.

And even today—though floss has expanded outside of just your standard plastic container with thread-thin waxed string—it's still not a product that brings much excitement to people (me excluded, of course). I don't understand why people don't thrive off of something that helps you get gross particles out of your teeth, but hey, to each their own.

It was recently, however, that I encountered an innovation in dental floss. I was reading my daily Cassandra newsletter and stumbled upon Goop-approved Cocofloss, a multi-colored brand of dental floss targeted at young people and made from coconut oil, as opposed to synthetic ingredients. The company presents itself as a lifestyle brand, not simply a line of floss (check out their picturesque Instagram account to see what I mean). I was immediately drawn to the concept and needed to try these out for myself.


I ordered a two-month supply of all four products (Cara Cara Orange, Pure Strawberries, Fresh Coconut and Delicious Mint) and got to flossin.' I felt like a kid in a candy store (literally), getting to try all these sweet flavors, but that are actually good for me! Aside from the wonderful scent of the products, they are quite soft on the gums, while still getting the crevices of the mouth that can typically be tricky. Once the floss gets in-between the gums, it expands with added comfort. And icing on the (sugar-free ????) cake? The line was founded by Bay Area sisters, Dr. Chrystle and Catherine Cu! 

I hope (for the sake of people's oral hygiene) that Cocofloss changes the way young consumers view the process of flossing their teeth. I hope this teaches them that it doesn't have to be a painful, tedious experience. There's absolutely nothing bad about improving your breath and getting annoying particles out of your teeth! Don't believe me? Give the line a try yourself. I have a feeling you'll experience a fresh take on flossing.


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