Could Cold Stone Creamery Cereal Be the Perfect Pairing of Breakfast and Dessert?

June is the start of wedding season, and this year we have a very important union to celebrate: the marriage of Cold Stone Creamery ice cream to cereal. We do!

Yes, there is officially Cold Stone Creamery ice cream cereal—two flavors, even. The food blog Snack Cellar's Instagram account featured the blissful union in late May, and the products actually hit shelves in June. Malt-O-Meal and Cold Stone came together to make it happen, and we're more than happy to cheers to them with the sugary milk left in our bowls.

As of now, there are two flavors of Cold Stone cereal included in a big release of new options from Post Consumer Brands, the parent company of Malt-O-Meal. Birthday Cake Remix was created to taste like cake batter thanks to little flavored puffs, and it has sprinkles and chocolate-flavored marshmallows as well, according to Malt-O-Meal's product description.

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Meanwhile, Our Strawberry Blonde has strawberry ice cream-flavored puffs, honey graham squares and little marshmallow bits.

We haven't tried either cereal yet, but it seems like if you like ice cream and you like cereal, you can't go wrong. Here's to many years of happy meals together!


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