What to Comment on Your Crush's Birthday Instagram Post

Your crush's birthday is the perfect excuse to comment on their latest Instagram post, so what are you waiting for?

Maybe you're agonizing over what to comment on their celebratory pic. But writing the perfect flirty yet cool comment isn't rocket science. Just use one of the simple comments below and we think they'll get the message.

For their stunning birthday selfie:

"You better thank your mom today!"

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For their simple birthday announcement photo:

"Today should be a national holiday ????"




For the shot of them blowing out the candles on their cake:

"Hope you made your wish wisely ????"

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For the pic of their delicious-looking birthday meal:

"Nothing has ever looked yummier ????"


For their photo of the amazing birthday festivities you couldn't be a part of:

"Wish I was there ????"


For the snap of their brand new car:

"Let me know when you can take me for a spin."


For the image from their wild birthday party:

"I hope you didn't party too hard without me ????"


For the pic of their favorite birthday gift that you just might be able to top:

"I've got something special for you, too!"


For their birthday party pic with you in it:

"I was just there for the cake????"


For when it's their birthday and you just want to let them know you care:

"I'm glad you were born."

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Thanks for the love guys, heres to playing 17 until I'm 40.

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