14 Things You'll Relate to If You're in a 'Complicated' Relationship

Ugh, relationships.

Honestly, they're all confusing. Even if you make it past the undefined "talking" phase and manage to start a real courtship, there's always the possibility that you and your S.O. aren't on the same page.

Some relationships, however, are especially convoluted. Maybe you're caught in a constant on-and-off cycle that you just can't quit. Perhaps you're stuck in a weird "friends" situation, even though you both know it's something more. It's even possible that you're both struggling to move on after a breakup, resulting in that weird phase where you're not really together, but you're not entirely broken-up.

Perplexing as these relationship problems might be, you're not the only one going through it. If you'd define your relationship status as "it's complicated," keep scrolling for 14 things you'll definitely relate to.

1. You never really know where you stand with your partner. One day things are perfect, and the next they'll hardly look at you. It's a constant back-and-forth, and each new day presents new challenges.

2. While your partner's hot-and-cold behavior is annoying, you find that you don't know how you feel about them either. You can't really imagine life without them, but you know you're not as happy as you should be.

the kissing booth: elle and noah saying goodbye at the airport

(The Kissing Booth via Netflix)

3. You always stated that you'never be in a complicated relationship, but it just sort of happened. You got caught up in something strange with someone you cared about, and suddenly things weren't as straightforward as you always imagined they'd be.

4. Unfortunately, the weird situation you're in with your person brings up a lot of insecurity. You struggle to trust your own emotions, mostly because there's a part of you that knows you should walk away for good, but you just can't manage to do it.

5. You're also very worried about how your relationship looks to other people. You know it's not the healthiest thing, but you continue to tell yourself and others that they don't know what it's like until they're in it.

6. Since you don't want to be judged too harshly, you tend to keep most of the nitty-gritty details of your relationship to yourself. You learned early on that your friends weren't going to be as supportive as you want them to be, so now you tell them the basic details and keep the full extent of the ups and downs locked away in your head.

7. Keeping things in, however, comes with its own set of difficulties. With no one to talk to, you find that your feelings are much more difficult to understand. You often feel isolated and alone, even though you know you can talk to the people who care about you if you really needed to.

Lara Jean and Peter laying on the floor in her room in To All the Boys I've Loved Before

(To All the Boys I've Loved Before via Netflix)

8. While you're struggling to process your emotions, you also feel a little stuck in your situation. Truly moving forward means leaving this person behind, and you just can't bring yourself to do it.

9. Even though your feelings are all over the place, you have plenty of good days with your partner. Oftentimes things feel perfect, and you hold onto those moments when the situation inevitably gets messy once again.

10. Holding onto the good times, however, doesn't change the fact that you know things aren't entirely right. You experience just as many bad times with your partner, and you know that you hold a lot of bitterness towards them for the way your relationship is.

Veronica looking lovingly at Archie before he communion on Riverdale

(Riverdale via The CW)

11. Even though you hold out hope that the two of you will repair things, a big part of you knows that one day you'll have to move on. If things are already this difficult, your current partner probably isn't your person.

12. But you also know that you need time to be okay with that decision. Walking away from someone you care about isn't as easy as just snapping your fingers and ending all your feelings.

13. Even if things are complicated now, you know they have to improve eventually. One day you'll end the situation for good and move on to bigger and better things.

14. Right now, however, you're just trying to keep your head above water and keep your complicated relationship as happy as it can possibly be.


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