If You Love Conan Gray, Use One of These Lyrics as Your Next Instagram Caption

When we found out Conan Gray is scheduled to perform at Coachella 2022, we pretty much lost our minds.

Not only is Conan Gray a total music genius, but he's also cute and has so many cool friends (like Olivia Rodrigo!). From hit songs like "Heather" to new jams like "Jigsaw," there's never been a song he's released that we haven't liked. If you love Conan Gray as much as we do, use one of his following lyrics as your next Instagram caption!

For when you and your bestie are out past curfew:

"Curfew's at midnight, we watch the sunrise."

-"Idle Town"

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For when you and your person are walking hand-in-hand:

"We've traveled the seas, we've ridden the stars. We've seen everything from Saturn to Mars."



For when you're crushing on a celeb you've never met IRL:

"I can't help but imagine what maybe could've happened if you weren't just an online love."

-"Online Love"


For when you're showing off the puzzle you completed:

"I've changed every part of me until the puzzle pieces aren't me, at all. I look in the mirror, now I'm just a jigsaw."



For that photo of your girlfriend looking beautiful:

"As she walks by, what a sight for sore eyes. Brighter than a blue sky."


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For that throwback picture from the summer:

"Let's go back to the summer night. When we met eyes, it's like a movie line."



For that fire selfie:

"I'm not falling for you. 'Cause this baby is loveproof."

-"Crush Culture"


For when you're newly single and want to let everyone know you're doing fine:

"Yeah you may think you're winning this heartbreak. But you aren't gonna win it 'cause Checkmate."



For when you're daydreaming about your future love:

"Someday, I'll be falling without caution. But for now, I'm only people watching."

-"People Watching"

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