8 Conversation Starters That Will Prompt a Meaningful Chat With Your Crush

If you've been crushing on someone for a while, just talking to the object of your affection seems like a huge accomplishment.

And while it's definitely exciting to get a response to your text, having the same old conversation about what your crush is up to and how their day is going gets boring after a while. Not only that, but these standard exchanges also don't move you any closer to a relationship.

If you want to get closer to your crush, you have to talk about things that actually matter. How do you do that? Keep scrolling for eight conversation starters that will prompt a meaningful chat with your crush.

'What's your favorite thing to do in your free time right now?'

A meaningful chat doesn't have to be an emotional discussion that involves you and your crush sharing your darkest secrets. Instead, it can just be a conversation that allows you to learn more about them.

By asking this simple question, you're getting past the shallow details of your crush's life and learning more about who they are when no one is around. Do they like playing video games? Are they big readers? Whatever their answer is, it allows you to ask more questions about their likes and dislikes and discuss something that's actually important to them.

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'Is there one thing in your life that you're super proud of?'

Another facet of a meaningful conversation starter is a question that leaves room for more discussion. Not only does this question allow your crush to spend a little time bragging about themselves, but it also leaves plenty of room for a longer conversation.

Why are they proud of that one thing? Is there something they're very disappointed about? Or if they can't come up with an answer, what would make them proud in the future? The follow-up questions here are endless, and it could prompt an incredibly insightful hours-long convo with your crush.


'What do you spend most of your money on?'

This is a more lighthearted question, but it can tell you a lot about your crush. Are they a big foodie who loves eating out? Do they funnel most of their cash into video games? Whatever the answer might be, you can figure out what your crush values and what brings them joy.

Also, this question gives you yet another new topic to talk about. If they say all their money goes towards food (yum), you can ask about their favorite cuisine or the best meal they've ever eaten. This conversation isn't full of deep confessions, but it will bring you closer to your crush.


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'Who do you admire most at school?'

If you and your crush are struggling to talk about yourselves, try talking about other people. While gossip definitely bonds people together, talking positively about the people in your life can be just as satisfying.

With this question, you'll learn about the values and attributes that your crush holds most dear. Do they admire a teacher? A fellow friend? What do they admire about that person? All of these questions give you a little more insight into the person who holds your heart and whether or not the two of you might actually be compatible together.


'What do you judge people for?'

Speaking of gossip, this question allows for some of that gossip-driven bonding without talking badly about anyone. More importantly, it's another question that will reveal what your crush values.

For example, if they say they judge people for wearing bad clothes, they're probably pretty shallow. On the other hand, if they judge people for failing to be friendly, they could have some pretty admirable principles. This question prompts a fun conversation about what the two of you despise in other people while simultaneously getting your crush to reveal a little more about themself.

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'What do you find hilarious, but most people don't find funny?'

Every person has a different sense of humor. Some people love comedies where the characters are constantly injuring themselves, while others can't get over the comedic strength of a good pun. Oftentimes, we want our sense of humor to align with our partner's—it's just one important part of compatibility.

So what makes your crush laugh? More importantly, what makes them laugh that other people scoff at? By asking this question, you can figure out if your crush's sense of humor aligns with your own. Even if it doesn't, you can have a meaningful conversation about the things that bring your crush true joy.


'What is something you read or heard that really stuck with you?'

We all have little phrases that somehow stand out in our minds, whether it's something funny that always makes us laugh or a good piece of advice we live by. What is a phrase that your crush can't get over?

This conversation could go in many different directions. Chances are if your crush hasn't been able to forget a certain phrase, they probably have a meaningful moment attached to it. This question could result in a fun, lighthearted conversation or a deep chat—it all depends on their response.


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'What's the most ridiculous rule in your house?'

Ugh, parents. We love them, but sometimes their rules seem entirely nonsensical. If you're not ready to ask your crush something super personal, keep the conversation fairly light by bonding over your shared frustration with your parents.

This question allows your crush to talk about their family without getting too personal too fast. Plus, it gives you a chance to then vent about the rules in your house that you can't stand. At least your parents' rules are good for something.


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