7 Cookie Decorating Videos You Won't Be Able To Stop Watching

We hope you didn't have anything planned for today, because we're pretty positive you're going to start decorating an abundance of cookies once you watch these videos.


These are the most beautiful cookies in the whole entire galaxy.

Anna in cookie form is the cutest. But we feel kind of bad about wanting to eat it…


And we can't forget the queen herself, Elsa. She's looking extra royal, which is probs due to all that royal icing.


Sunflower cookies are always a good idea.


Emoji cookies are the perfect combo of our two fave things.


We are ~living~ for these Descendants inspired cookies. Definitely going to make them for our Descendants 2 release party.


Is it a cookie? Is it a pizza? Either way, we'll eat it!


While you wait for all those cookies to bake, you should take THIS quiz to discover which Girl Scout Cookie you are.