15 Items You'll Absolutely Need If You're Obsessed With Pizza

Pizza is life???. We totally get it. And that's why we searched the internet far and wide and found 15 of THE most adorable pizza clothing items and accessories for you to show everyone just how mildly (or majorly) obsessed you are. We dare you to make it through this post and not want to buy anything…

1. This "Just Eat It" sweatshirt: $26.00 

"Just Eat It" Pizza Sweatshirt

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2. These fun pizza stickers: $4.00 

Pizza stickers

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3. This tiny pizza ring: $12.00

Pizza ring

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4. These itsy bitsy (insanely CUTE?) pizza earrings: $9.00

Sleepy Mountain Pizza Earrings From Etsy

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5. This pizza BEAN BAG (yes, this actually exists): $56.99

Triangle Pizza Bean Bag

(via Brookstone)


6. This absolutely perfect pizza inflatable for the pool?: $35.00

Giant Pizza Raft For Pool

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7. The best pizza BFF necklace to ever exist (you each get a slice?!): $19.50

Pizza Friendship Necklace

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8. These super sweet pizza nail decals: $4.00

Pizza Nail Decals From Etsy

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9. These heart-filled pizza earrings (are you in LOVE???): $6.20

Sparkle Bombb Pizza Earrings With Hearts On Them

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10. This phone case fit for a pizza queen: ~$9.00

Pizza Queen iPhone Case

(via SkinnyDipLondon)


11. This perfect graphic tee: $21.99

Want Pizza Graphic Tee

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12. This pizza tote bag (that we've literally been dreaming about our whole life): $20.00

Pizza Canvas Tote Bag From Etsy

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13. This super simple pizza computer decal sticker: $5.00

Pizza Computer Decal Sticker From Etsy

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14. This water bottle that tells it how it is: $20.00

After This We're Getting Pizza Water Bottle

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15. And finally, this amazing "Pizza is Bae" print you'll want to hang on every wall in your bedroom: $3.96

Pizza Is My Bae Picture Frame

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Congrats, you're just as pizza obsessed as we are!! But, let's be real, no one is as pizza obsessed as Austin Mahone or Victoria Justice. See what we mean HERE.