Corey Funk Reveals How He Transformed His Home Into an Epic Obstacle Course in How We Do

Have you ever watched a viral video and wondered, "How in the world did they come up with this idea?" So have we—and lucky for us, that question is the very premise of the new TikTok series How We Do.

The series was made in collaboration between Entertainment Weekly and Sweety High, and in a new episode, we get the inside scoop on pro scooter rider and YouTube sensation Corey Funk's biggest TikTok video of all time.

Meet Corey Funk

Corey Funk is best known as one half of the Funk Bros. Corey and his brother Capron grew up riding scooters before going pro, and their 14 years of scooter prowess have gained them opportunities to travel all over the world for competitions and more, and gained them some serious fans along the way. Along the way, the two decided to make YouTube videos. From the start, they were entirely self-taught, from the filming to the editing and the promoting, but with their combined skills, they managed to become big names online. Showing off everything from skate videos to pranks and stunts that fans of all ages can enjoy, they put their all into making sure that their channel blew up. Clearly, they did something right, because they now have 6.5 million follows on their shared YouTube channel.

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$40,000 Quarantine Lifestyle

Corey may have already been an internet phenomenon when his $40,000 Quarantine Lifestyle video hit TikTok, but the video certainly helped him grow on that platform, and for good reason. In the video, Corey essentially transforms his home into a massive obstacle course, jumping into an enormous ball pit, turning his staircase into a slide with cardboard boxes, riding a dirt bike down the hallway and boogie boarding down a series of treadmills before leaping across double-treadmills and into the pool. It's captivating from start to finish, but how did it come to be? Watch the TikTok, below, and keep reading for how Corey did it.


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How We Do

So what exactly was the inspiration behind this dynamic video? In How We Do, Corey explains that during quarantine, he had to get creative with his videos because he was stuck at home. He was inspired to make an at-home obstacle course that others could attempt to replicate at home, and over time, that evolved into the gauntlet seen in the video.

Of course, he thinks it's the epic ball pit at the video's start that made the video really blow up because he hasn't seen anything like it anywhere else. Corey says that the ball pit consisted of 100,000 balls filling up the roof patio—and that the balls themselves cost $10,000. Corey also reveals the secret to his video intros, getting viewers hooked right from the start. The video now has 68 million views on TikTok, so we're pretty sure he's on to something.

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