This Corgi Trying to Share a Bone With His Reflection Proves That We Don't Deserve Dogs

If you weren't already convinced that dogs are the purest animals on Earth, this video will change your mind.

Eric Smith, a young adult author and literary agent, posted a video of his Corgi on Twitter earlier this week. The video shows his adorable pup staring at his reflection in a nearby mirror. After considering the image for a moment, the pup bends down to the bone at his feet, gently nudging it towards his reflection.

When his newfound friend doesn't pick up his gift right away, the Corgi picks up his bone and lays down, ready to wait until his friend is ready to eat.

The generous little doggo seems absolutely awed that his friend is not accepting his gift, and doesn't seem to pick up on the fact that his companion is copying his every move. Just more proof that we don't deserve dogs.

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