Courant's Wireless Chargers Are a Gorgeous and Elegant Solution to Ugly Phone Charging Cables

There's no denying that long charging cables for phones are an eyesore.

You don'want them filling up space in the different rooms of your house, but they're a necessity if you want to keep your phone adequately charged for any situations that arise—or are they? I only recently upgraded from a very old iPhone 6 to an iPhone XR, which also came with the ability to charge through Qi wireless charging, and when I stumbled across Courant chargers, I was immediately drawn to their sleek designs and the promise of charging without the hassle.

I reached out to the brand, who was kind enough to send me one of their innovative chargers to try for myself. After getting into Courant, I'm not just obsessed—I'm planning on getting a few more.

The Brand

Courant specializes in beautifully made wireless phone chargers that help users hide unsightly charging cords while also looking like stylish pieces of furniture themselves. They can be used with any device compatible with Qi wireless charging, including iPhone 8 and newer, as well as many Samsung, Google and LG phones, and more.

They're also available in different sizes. The CATCH:1 is designed for a single device, while the CATCH:2 can support multiple devices and the CATCH:3 is for a single device while also including an accessory tray. For my review, I requested the CATCH:1.

This low-profile charger has a large charging coil, to reduce deadzones, and is available in two styles—the Belgian linen Essentials charger, and the Tuscan leather Classics charger. The Essentials sells for $40 (currently $32) and is available in Camel, Charcoal and Natural hues, while Classics are available for $80 (currently $64) in Cortado, Bone, Saddle, Ash and Black. Monogramming is also available for an additional charge if you're feeling fancy.

Courant CATCH:1 classic saddle charging with phone

(via Courant)


The Charger

For my review, I requested the Classics version in the darker brown, Saddle, and was so thrilled with how it looked once I'd taken it out of the box. The dark leather cover of the charger was beautiful, and it even came with a braided nylon cable in the same shade of brown to blend in.

Courant CATCH:1 classic saddle

(via Courant)

All I had to do was plug the cable into a USB charging block and then plug it into the device, then maneuver the cable behind my nightstand to hide it and make for an elegant charging station for my phone. My nightstand is made out of wood, and the brown leather looks super sleek on top of it.

I was curious to see how precisely I would have to place my phone in the center of the Courant CATCH:1 to ensure that my phone would charge, and it turns out I didn't have to be very precise at all. Basically, if my phone is on top of the device, it will start charging, and I can tell based on both the battery icon popping up briefly on my screen, as well as a white light on the CATCH:1 itself. The light is conveniently located next to the port for the cord, to it's slightly tucked away and not too distracting at night. Being weighted means the charger stays in place, even when I'm not so gentle laying my phone on top of it

Courant CATCH:1 classic saddle with phone

(via Courant)

And while I typically put my phone on my Courant charger when I go to bed, the charging speed doesn't matter to me much. However, on the occasions I have put my phone on the charger for a quick boost during the day, it's seemed to charge up just as quickly as plugging it in directly. This thing is fast, and that's just another reason why I'm a new convert to wireless charging.


Bottom Line

Courant's wireless chargers will definitely cost you a bit more than a typical charging cable and power block, but the price is worth it for how great these chargers look—especially when you factor in how much better they look than a long cable coiled on the floor. The linen versions charge phones just as fast at about half the price and still look fantastic. However, if you're the type of person who often uses their phone while it's charging, particularly in bed at night, this solution might not work particularly well for you. You can also click HERE to see if your device is compatible with Courant.


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