The Cutest and Coziest Sleepwear for Snuggle Weather

Tis' the season for colder weather, hot cocoa and, most importantly, the coziest pajamas we can find.

Scroll below for some of the soft and snug sleepwear we'll be stocking up on this winter!

Deer Terry Pajamas: $68

We love these luxurious terry pajamas DEERly. They're soft and cozy enough for your next Netflix binge session. What could be better?

Deer Pajamas

(via Nordstrom)


Santa Baby Pajamas: $48

If you purchase this adorable two-piece set today, you can get it just in time for Christmas day! Santa would approve.


Santa Baby Pajamas

(via Nordstrom


Thermal Sleep Henley: $28.95

If you love naps, this thermal sleep henley has your name written all over it. It really is true that bed is life.

Victoria's Secret Sleep Shirt

(via Victoria Secret)


Polar Bear Flannel Pants: $17.47

Feeling a little chilly? These polar bear flannels will warm you right up.

Polar Bear flannel pants from American Eagle

(via American Eagle)


Unicorn Onesie: $21.90

There's not much to say about this insanely magical unicorn onesie other than that it should be mandatory that every unicorn-lover owns one.

Unicorn onesie

(via Amazon)


Avocuddle Pajamas: $19

Love avocados and cuddles? This is the PJ set for you, no doubt.

Avocuddle pajamas

(via ASOS)


Malibu Barbie Pajamas: $19.97

When it's freezing outside, just throw on this adorable Malibu Barbie set and think sunny thoughts. ????

Malibu Barbie Pajamas

(via Nordstrom Rack)


Dreamy Fleece Pajamas: $29.99

This cute pair of pajamas will ensure you have the sweetest dreams. Fleece = the coziest fabric ever.

Fleece pajamas from H&M

(via H&M)


Iconic Jersey Pajamas: $24.99

Show off your personality with this taco, avocado and dinosaur sleep number.

Pajamas with emojis on it

(via H&M)


The Snuggle Is Real Pajamas: $54

If you love to snuggle, you know how real the snuggle truly can be. This pair has to be yours!

The snuggle is real pajamas

(via Bloomingdales's)


Disney Princess Thermal Set: $11.99

We've got a thing for Disney princesses over here, so there's no reason why we wouldn't include this adorable thermal set that—get this—is accompanied by a too-cute-for-words sleeping mask. Yes.

Disney Princess pajama set

(via Target)


Cat Nap Pajamas: $14

And finally, for the girl who can't say no to a quick catnap, this purrfect three-piece set will be the ideal nap time outfit.

Cat pajamas from Kmart

(via Kmart)


So you've got your cozy sleepwear in the bag, but now you've got to snag a pair of warm slippers. We suggest THESE bad boys here.