4 Subtle Ways to Stay in Touch With Your Crush This Summer

Nothing feels more satisfying than that final bell of the school year, amirite?

But unfortunately along with that freedom comes bidding adieu to your adorable locker neighbor, the cutie you always exchange small talk with in science and the brown-haired babe who always winks at you in the hallway. Yep, it's time to face the sad reality that you may not see your crush for the next three months.

But as difficult as that concept may be to grasp, rest assured there are some subtle ways to make sure you don't disappear from your crush's mind completely.

Scroll below and wipe your tears.

1. Engage With Them Casually on Social Media

Now we're not saying you should flood their feeds with endless likes and comment on their family photos with heart eyes, but a comment every now and then when you share a common interest or you find something particularly funny can't hurt. And why not view their Insta Stories so at least your name consistently comes to mind when they check their views?

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2. Occasionally Pop Into Their Workplace (With a Purpose)

Do not stand outside of their workplace at the end of their shift and creepily ask what they're doing that night, but rather come in during a normal hour and have a reason to be there. If they work at Petco, come in for *insert animal here* food. If they work at a restaurant, casually stroll in for the spot's signature fries. As long as you don't aimlessly wander in, it will seem totally normal that you made a little cameo at the place they work.

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3. Include Them on a Mass Party Invite

If you or a pal is having a big bash, the more, the merrier, right? Nothing says count-me-in like a pool party invite. Big parties are guaranteed to attract your crush. Not only will it be an opportunity to see people they haven't seen since the school year ended, but they'll have a chance to be in a big, fun crowd. Who can say no? Added bonus? They'll get to see you all dolled up for the big occasion! And seeing you in your element with all your friends will make you come across as fun and confident.


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4. Text Them a Random Inside Joke or Funny Tidbit They'd Appreciate

This obviously depends on the nature of the relationship you have with your crush. If it's someone you've never exchanged more than a "hi" with, then probably best to avoid seeking out their phone number to tell them you drove past their street. But if it's someone you have a chatty rapport with, don't hesitate to shoot them a text from time-to-time about something funny you encountered that reminded you of them or a person you ran into that they may appreciate knowing about.

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