Here's How Your Scent Can Attract Your Crush

If you've been following Sweety High, you know two things: We love a yummy fragrance and we rely on our pal The Love Doctor to answer some of our most burning questions about relationships and attraction.

In this post, we are combining our passion for scents with some guidance from T.L.D. (aka Dr. Terri Orbuch) to bring you expert advice on 5 ways to attract people with your smell.

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1. Understand the Relationship Between Scent and Attraction

Before you can master the art of drawing someone in with your scent, you must understand how and why it affects attraction.

"Smell triggers memories and emotions," Orbuch tells Sweety High. "For example, you're cooking with your grandma and there's the smell of basil and tomatoes and you love your grandma. It's just a really positive experience. What happens in childhood is that we associate things like basil and tomato with positivity and positive memories. So in the future, when we smell that, we feel more positive and we feel more excitement and attraction. But, if we have a smell that reminds us of something negative in the past or earlier in our childhood, then we are not attracted to [what's currently associated with it]."

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2. Incorporate Generally Popular Aromas Into Your Daily Life

Whether sprayed on your body or in your living space when people come over, Terri stresses the importance of keeping a few scents in particular on hand at all times.

"There are certain smells that have effects on us physiologically and directly affect our mood and how we feel," Terri explains. "For example, lavender puts most people in a positive mood. It's a calming smell. If you think that you're going to be nervous or the people around you are really nervous or you're going to a dance or party and you know there's going to be lots of excitement, you can actually wear lavender. They have lavender oils, soaps and lotions. [It's also a smell that] increases attraction and is very calming to others."

Eucalyptus is another foolproof fragrance associated with attraction and positivity.

"It increases people's alertness and it increases their energy level," Terri says. "That's really good in terms of meeting people, dating, attraction, romantic attraction and getting someone to like you, because … it will change that other person physiologically, which is good. Any time we have an increase in energy or we become more alert we say, 'Wow, what's happening? I must be attracted to this person.' Those are two really good examples of smells that definitely put people in a better mood and can affect someone's attraction."

Adds Terri: "There are certain smells that affect people physiologically. They affect people both in mood and energy level. Both of those are very important in the attraction process and making people like you. If somebody makes you unhappy, nauseous or not calm, then you're not going to say, 'Wow, I like them' or 'I want to be by them,' or 'I'm drawn to them.' But if somebody makes you calm or puts you in a positive mood or better mood with [a particular fragrance], you'll notice them more."

Lavender is seemingly everywhere, but if you're on the hunt for eucalyptus, there are also a handful of places to turn.

"There are lots of eucalyptus soaps you can use in the shower or bath and lotions and oils you can apply to your skin," Terri says. "There are also eucalyptus plants that sometimes come with flowers or sometimes they have green leaves. Many people just take the leaves and put them in their hands and then their hands have the smell of eucalyptus or people keep them in their locker or their home."

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3. Watch What You Eat

"What we eat affects the smell that our body gives off or the scent that we give off," Terri explains. "If you eat a lot of fried fish, spicy foods or garlic, that can significantly affect your body's scent. I always tell my students if you sit down at your desk, people are close to you and you're giving off a smell."

So, now that we know what which items to be mindful of, Terri also breaks down what to eat on the reg.

"Plant-based foods are always good," she says. "Any fruit, any vegetables, any leafy greens or things cooked in olive oil are good. It's not to say that you shouldn't have non plant-based foods like meats, chicken and poultry, but you want to be careful about the amount of garlic, onion and fried foods you eat. You might want to boil or grill your fish rather than frying it. You might not use garlic, onion and heavy spices. You might lightly sauté it instead. Plant-based foods are always the best I'd say because they're natural.

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4. Brush and Floss Multiple Times a Day

This one is obviously a no-brainer, but Terri adamantly stresses the importance of dental hygiene.

"I think breath is something that people forget is extremely important in the attraction process," Terri says. "As you're talking to someone, the interpersonal space between you and someone else might be shorter because you like this person. Sometimes what happens in our body language is that we get a little bit closer. Because of that, you can smell that person's breath."

At the risk of coming off "like a dentist," Terri says, "You want to floss and you want to use mouthwash. This is not just the night before or day [you're going to see someone]. Consistent use of brushing teeth, flossing and mouthwash increases the probability that your breath is good."

Granted, brushing and flossing isn't always the most convenient (or tactful) act to execute on the fly. So, in cases when it's not possible, be sure to carry teeny-tiny tubs of Listerine Powerpaks.

"Those are my favorite, by the way," Terri says. "They give me this energy boost. I feel so great. I tell clients or my students to just put it in their pockets, purse or backpack."

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5. Drink Loads of Water

What seems like another no-brainer is yet another must-do we occasionally tend to overlook.

"I think people forget that drinking a lot of water not only helps the scent or smell that we give off in this attraction process, but it also helps our breath," Terri says. "The more consistent flushing and drinking of water, the more likely you are to flush out toxins and smell better to others."

But before you go popping open your cans of LaCroix, Terri strongly advises against anything other than 100% pure H20.

"I always say plain water, so that doesn't mean tea, coffee or soda," she says. "That's so important with the power of smell."

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