There it is—your crush has once again posted another perfect Instagram pic.

You’ve already liked it (of course), but you want to do more. At this point, you’re ready for them to finally notice you—even if it is just on Insta.

Now’s the time to leave a *gasp* comment on their glorious photo. As you’re about to type something out, you’re struck with fear—you don’t know what to write. Do you keep it short and sweet, or long and thoughtful? Do you use an emoji or none at all? Are you tired of us writing these questions when we should just get to the point? Okay, we’ll stop.

When you can’t come up with the words to comment, use one of the eye-catching song lyrics below!

To let them know you’re thinking about them fairly often:

“I found you dancing on the back of my brain.”

-“Visions” by The Maine


To tell your crush how you really feel around them:

“I get a little bit nervous around you.”

-“Nervous” by Shawn Mendes

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To figure out if they envision the two of you together one day:

“Do you think about us?”

-“Think About Us” by Little Mix


To remind your crush you’re definitely the one for them:

“Ain’t no need for searching.”

-“Thank You, Next” by Ariana Grande

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To let them know they better make a move soon:

“I want you to love me now or never.”

-“Now or Never” by Halsey


To tell your crush you dream about them every single night:

“So what’s it mean when every dream I have’s about you now?”

-“Criminal” by State Champs

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To allude to the fact that you’re ready to share your feelings with them:

“Feeling kinda tempted and I’m pouring out the truth.”

-“Sit Next to Me” by Foster the People


To make sure your crush understands you’ll always be there for them:

“Just say my name and I’ll come running.”

-“SGL” by Now, Now

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To coyly ask them out:

“Let’s take a shot at something wonderful.”

-“Something Wonderful” by Seaway


To remind them that this doesn’t happen often, so you really do like them:

“I was a careless Casanova, but you made my heart go weak.”

-“Stuck” by Noah Cyrus

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And when you need the best caption for your next selfie, use one of THESE song lyrics for your post.