When you snap the perfect selfie, you need to share it with the world.

But before you can post it on Instagram, you need to come up with just the right caption.

If you need help in that department, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll below for 15 song lyrics that make the best Insta captions for any and every selfie.

For a totally moody selfie:

“Feeling indigo. How ’bout you?”

-“Solo” by The Story So Far


For a pic showing off your new fave accessory:

“A chest filled with diamonds and gold.”

-“Control” by Halsey


For a glowing post-breakup selfie to let everyone know you’re doing just fine:

“And this is the part where you find out who you are.”

-“Whoever She Is” by The Maine


For a post announcing your new romance to the world:

“I caught these feelings like there’s nothing new.”

-“Oops” by Little Mix


For an edited snap highlighting your gorgeous eyes:

“Green and blue, eyes on you.

-“Lula on the Beach” by Seaway


For a worry-free selfie of you cheesing the day away:

“I used to let some people tell me how to live and what to be.”

-“I Don’t Care” by Ariana Grande


For a pic flaunting your fresh look:

“Would your heart know if I met you in a brand new set of bones?”

-“Same Soul” by PVRIS


For a selfie you snapped while exploring the world:

“Baby, let’s go get lost.”

-“Let’s Get Lost” by Carly Rae Jepsen


For a sultry shot hoping your crush notices:

“Some men don’t dare to speak her name.”

-“Serpents” by Neck Deep

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For a sweet pic with your pet:

“You’re the angel in the moonlight.”

-“You’re the One” by Charli XCX


For a boomerang of you smiling then frowning:

“I love making you believe what you get is what you see.”

-“Fake Happy” by Paramore


For a shot letting everyone know you’re bored out of your mind:

“I don’t wanna waste no time all alone. Want somewhere to go.”

-“New Love” by Dua Lipa

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For an obligatory birthday selfie:

“It feels like a coming of age.”

-“Coming of Age” by Foster the People


For a photo letting everyone know your thoughts on the latest drama:

“The one that speaks the loudest always knows the least.”

-“Chemical” by Trophy Eyes


For a post hoping your ex takes the hint:

“You and I have come such a long way, for us to start again.”

-“And Beyond” by Modern Baseball

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