If You Have Curly Hair, You'll Relate to These 10 Major Struggles

I complain about it now, but of course I know at the end of the day, I'd rather have thick, coarse, curly hair than the alternative.

That said, I'm going to keep it real—curly hair is a huge pain!

stressed out girl pulls at her curly hair

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And if you've dealt with a huge head of chaotic ringlets that you've never been able to tame to its fullest, you will certainly relate to the struggles below:

1. You've spent countless dollars on fancy flatirons, but regardless of the make or model, nothing really manages your mane the way it should.

A girl looks disgusted and miserable as she tries to flatiron her hair

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2. It's not that you actually hate curls—you would simply just prefer perfectly coiffed waves a la Lauren Conrad's go-to look.

lauren conrad looks gorgeous and glamorous with a wavy updo

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3. Wearing your hair in a bun is pretty standard for you. It's not like you have a spare two hours to get your hair in presentable form worn down each day.

4. But even in bun form, unless your locks are previously flat-ironed, throwing your hair up still looks plenty frizzy.

5. Depending on how much hair you have and how long it's been since you've had a trim, sometimes you can't even get your brush all the way through your dry locks.

girl with curly hair is having issues brushing her hair

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6. You've tried layering your locks at least once in your life, and va-voom! When dry, your hair looks like you were electrocuted!

7. Should you shower before bed and forget to put your hair in a tie, you can totally expect to look unrecognizable in the morning.

A very unhappy girl has frizzy hair

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8. You go to the hair salon and are so impressed with how they style your intense hair, but when you try to replicate the look at home, it's pretty much impossible.

girl gets her hair blow dried at a salon

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9. Seriously the only thing you've found that tames your mane is a Keratin treatment. It can be an expensive process, but you know it's worth every penny (seriously, do it if you haven't yet!).

10. You would workout so much more if you had hair that was easily manageable. But a solid gym sesh means you have to wash your hair, and we know what that entails…????


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