CurlyTop Baker Makes Indulgent Cookies With Hot Cheetos, Bacon and More

If you've read my work in the past, you know I'm a sucker for unusual desserts. I've tried cheesy Cheetos Cookies and mustard-based ice cream, and was delighted by both.

So when the folks behind Las Vegas-based cookie shop CurlyTop Baker reached out to me and I saw the unique list of flavors they offered, I had to take them up on the opportunity to review their products. From Tiger King-themed cookies to a Bacon Chocolate Chip flavor, each item was more enticing than the last, and I was excited to put them to the test.

The Product

CurlyTop Baker operates out of Las Vegas, Nevada, hand-making every one of their gourmet cookies. Their slogan is "A cookie everybody will remember," and once you see their menu, you'll know why it's stuck. At the time of this writing, they have 21 incredible flavors available on their website, including "The Potato Chipper" featuring chocolate chips as well as hearty chunks of ridged potato chips, "Firecracker" cookies with Flamin' Hot Cheetos mixed in and "Tiger King Crunch," packed with sugar-coated cereal flakes and black and orange sprinkles. If you don't like those, there's also the option to "Create Your Own Cookie" with your choice of base and up to three toppings, or to create a mixed box with up to three flavors.

Their cookies are also made with 100% non-GMO ingredients, and 20% of all of their proceeds go toward feeding the homeless in the Las Vegas Valley. I couldn't resist going for the Bacon Chocolate Chip cookie, which sells in batches of a dozen for $24. Each of their cookie varieties is available for either $22 or $24 per dozen.

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The Experience

My cookies from CurlyTop Baker arrived in a cute box surrounded by ice packs to ensure they stayed fresh and didn't melt on their trip from Vegas. I thought the packaging looked great, but what was inside was much more important.

CurlyTop Baker Cookie Box

Inside, the cookies looked soft and delicious. I knew they had to make a trip up to me, but they still had a quality of being fresh-baked, and the bakery certainly hadn't skimped on the chocolate chips or the bacon.

CurlyTop Baker Bacon Chocolate Chip cookies

One bite revealed that they were just as chewy and buttery as they appeared, and the bacon pieces were substantial, adding a savory, salty flavor that beautifully complemented the sweet richness of the chocolate chips. However, I also found that these were incredibly indulgent, and I felt fully satiated after eating just half a cookie. Only hours later was I interested in finishing up my first cookie. When I shared with family, some were good after a single filling bite, while others happily munched on two cookies in one sitting, so your mileage may vary.

Eating these made me feel anything but healthy—not that they're marketed as a health cookie. I enjoyed the chance to spoil myself with something a little buttery and meaty, and with no nutrition info on the box besides the ingredients list, I decided not to worry about that too much. Of course, this tempting box of bacon cookies didn't last for long.


Bottom Line

If you love cookies and are open to exploring some unusual flavors, it's hard to go wrong with CurlyTop Baker. It's not for those looking for a healthy cookie that forgoes all of your classic ingredients of real butter, sugar and eggs, but for those happy to indulge in the traditional ways, with a twist.

At $2 per large cookie, their prices are less than or comparable to many other gourmet cookie shops, and the fact that their flavors are way more interesting is a huge draw. You can even buy one of their mixed boxes if you don't feel like committing to a single flavor, and they arrive fresh and delicious, like they're newly cooled right out of the oven.


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