The Cutest Ways to Style Loafers

Loafers are a staple that belongs in everyone's closets—for both guys and girls!

If you have a pair that you just don't know how to style, don't worry, you've come to the right place. Look like the coolest person in the room by styling your loafers in one of these super cute ways.

Pair Your Loafers With White Socks

Pairing your loafers with white socks is a tried and true style that works every time. It's pretty much impossible for your outfit not to look cute when you're rocking loafers and white socks. Whether they have ruffles, go past your ankles or have cute bows, trust us when we say it will pull your entire outfit together.

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Pair Your Loafers With an Anklet

Anklets are totally underrated, and we think it's about time we brought them back! If you have a cute anklet you want to show off, why not pair it with your loafers? You can wear it over a sock or just on its own, but either way, we think it would be super cute and unexpected.

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Make Your Loafers the Star of the Show

Loafers aren't the easiest shoes to style, and if you want them to be the star of the show, rather than your outfit, rock them with no-show socks (or no socks at all,) and keep your outfit minimal.


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Colorblock Your Loafers

Colorblocking loafers is such an easy way to style them! If the heel is one color while the body of the shoe is another, match your socks to the heel. This blocks up the colors in a super fun way and ends up looking darling.


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