If you’re anything like me, then you’re constantly talking about bangs.

My friends and I are either thinking about cutting them, just got them, considering growing them out, or complaining about the growout—amirite?

Allison Mcnamara putting red hair in bun with bangs(via AllisonMcNamara.com)

After almost a decade of having blunt, one-length hair, I decided to bite the bullet and get bangs. I was inspired by the ’70s and wanted something reminiscent of Bridget Bardot, or even Mandy Moore in This Is UsI noticed lots of designers showing bangs for Spring 2017, so I knew they were going to be hot and I wanted them first. Also, my sister got them, which meant that I had to get them, but better, obvs.

I asked for a cool shag that looked effortless and windswept, and my go-to stylist, Nicolas Flores from Sally Hershberger LA totally delivered. I have gotten so many compliments on my new fringe and I really love them when they’re styled. Key words: when they are styled. 

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But let’s get to the real talk. Bangs are fun and all, but they are also a major pain in the butt. So, I decided to put together some key points you should definitely consider before you chop!

1. How Much Maintenance Are You Used To?

This has been the biggest adjustment for me personally. My hair is straight and I’ve always let it air-dry, so I’ve always been the wash-and-go type of girl, aka I don’t style my hair often. I thought all would be the same, even with my new bangs, but boy was I wrong. So wrong! I tried letting them air-dry and somehow my perfectly straight hair now had wavy, rip-curly looking bangs in front. No bueno. So, be prepared to add more time to your routine. Whenever I wash my hair, I always have to blow dry my bangs with a small round brush and blowdryer. BTW, this photo is totally how I feel some mornings.

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2. Consider Your Hair Texture

This plays off my last point, but you definitely want to consider your natural texture when getting bangs. If you have curly hair, definitely don’t cut your bangs yourself, because there’s a good chance they could wind up way shorter than you intended. Actually, on second thought, don’t ever cut bangs yourself the first time unless you are a pro.

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3. Ease Into the Look

You don’t need to go full fringe right away. I seriously suggest easing yourself into the look. Try cutting a few face framing layers first, then slowly take up the length. And if you’re loving it, go for the shag or full bangs. It’s much easier to go shorter than grow it out longer.


4. Prepare to Be at the Salon More

Why does it always seem like when you want to keep your hair a certain length, it grows out super quick, but when you want to grow your hair out, it doesn’t grow? Funny how that works. But believe me, even if your hair doesn’t grow fast, you’ll need to frequent your salon every 4-6 weeks for a good ol’ bang trim.

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5. How Would You Describe Your Lifestyle?

This is major. Are you an athlete? Do you like to workout a lot? Do you like to keep your hair up and out of your face? Chances are, if you answered yes to any of these questions, bangs may not be for you. While I’m not an athlete, I workout a ton and really don’t like having hair in my face. I definitely didn’t think about that prior to getting my hair cut, and now I rely on bobby pins 24/7. When I wind up at the gym without a bobby pin, I have a total meltdown #bangproblems.


6. Consider Your Skin Type

Do you have oily skin, especially on the forehead or T-zone? Oily face = oily bangs in 1.5 seconds. I don’t have oily skin, but I am a face oil fanatic and find myself with oily bangs more often than not. Ugh.


7. Do You Play With Your Hair a Lot?

I didn’t even realize this, but I touch my hair a lot. Like all the time! This makes for greasy-looking bangs. Dry shampoo has become my new best friend.


8. Do You Have Cowlicks?

Before you get bangs, talk to your stylist about where your cowlicks are. If you have a funky one in the front that likes to do weird swirly twirlies whenever it pleases, I would really consider not getting bangs. Cowlicks always win!

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