8 of the Cutest Items Every Dancer Needs

Your dance wardrobe is about to get a major upgrade.

Whether you're a ballet, contemporary or hip-hop dancer, you need these items to your clothing collection immediately. Scroll through our selections to see some adorable leotards, skirts and more.


1. Leopard-Print Capris: $34

If you truly want to reflect how fierce you feel on the inside when you're dancing, you should rock this fun pair of pink leggings. It only makes sense.

Pink leopard-print capris from the Betsey Johnson for Capezio collection

(via Capezio)

2. Reversible Sports Bra: $32

Anything that's reversible is always a win in our book. It's like buying two items for the price of one. What's better than that? Whether you feel like rocking a fun pattern one day or a solid color the next, this sports bra's got you covered. Literally.

Green and purple reversible sports bra

(via Ivivva)


3. Watercolor Leotard: $29.35

Your movements will be as fluid as water when you plié across the stage sporting a leotard like this.

Blue and white watercolor leotard


(via Discount Dance Supply)


4. Floral Lace Skirt: $30.40

Elegance never goes out of style, and you certainly won't either when you twirl about in this gorgeous skirt. With it's short length, you can do just about any trick in the book while wearing it—bonus!

Black floral pull-up skirt for dance

(via Discount Dance Supply)


5. Printed-Waistband Shorts: $28

Shorts are an essential when it comes to dance practice. These bad boys are super cute with the geometric-patterned waistband.

Model wearing black shorts with a printed waistband

(via Ivivva)


6. V-Neck Leotard: $42

Often the collar of a leotard can be a tad restricting, but you don't have that problem with v-necks. And how gorgeous is that faded floral pattern?

Pastel floral v-neck leotard

(via Capezio)


7. Solid-Colored Skirt: $25

A simple, solid-colored skirt is always important to keep with you in your dance bag. And you'll want this one on hand when you attend auditions because it's called "The Call Back Skirt." You're welcome.

Solid turquoise dance skirt on a ballet dancer

(via Capezio)


8. Graphic Tank Top: $15.95

You obviously need something to change into once you get off the dance floor, and we think this tank just really says it all. Flash a smile and wear it with pride.

Straight Outta Dance Class blank tank top

(via Discount Dance Supply)


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