Sisters Dani and Dannah Lane Dish on Acting and Getting to Work With Their TV Dad, Kenan Thompson

11-year-old Dani Lane and 10-year-old Dannah Lane are sisters with a big show business dream, and they're making it happen, one day at a time.

The two are accomplished actresses, singers and speakers, who also have a massively viral YouTube channel that's attracted attention from huge stars. The two play Kenan Thompson's daughters, Birdie and Aubrey, in the hit NBC sitcom Kenan. In fact, it seems there's little the duo can'do—and here's what we learned about their mission and what they love about acting in an interview with them.

Sweety High: How did the two of your first start in show business?

Dani and Dannah: Well it was Dani's dream and our mommy posted a video that went viral. Then we went on The Steve Harvey Show, The Today Show and The Real Daytime show to talk about it. We knew then it was meant to be.


SH: How did you grow from there, and what have been some of the biggest opportunities you've had during your careers?

Dani and Dannah: We would share inspirational videos that would go viral and celebrities like Justin Bieber and Alicia Keys would repost them. We wanted to audition for commercials, film and TV and our very first audition was for Kenan on NBC, and here we are! We've had so many amazing opportunities and they all have been great. We get to work with the legendary great Kenan Thompson daily and that is such a blessing.


SH: What has your experience working with Kenan been like?

Dani and Dannah: We call Kenan an angel, seriously! He is one in every sense of the word. He's kind, he's our mentor, he's funny and the best TV dad we could have prayed for.


SH: Do you have a favorite memory from the set?

Dani and Dannah: Season 1 was great and Season 2 was like a family reunion. We got to hang out with everyone again. We would play double dutch and have Nerf gun wars in between scenes, it was the best!


SH: Can you tell us a little bit about your characters, Birdie and Aubrey?

Dani and Dannah: Birdie is a wild child, free-spirited and it's sort of getting her into some trouble these days. Aubrey is definitely going through the pre-teen stage, she's becoming more independent and assertive. Both characters are close to how we are in real life.


SH: What would you say your biggest similarities to your characters are?

Dani and Dannah: Birdie and Dannah are both free-spirited, maybe the wild child part, but the trouble part—well, depends on who you're asking! Aubrey and Dani share in wanting to become more independent and assertive. Aubrey and Birdie are written around us. We are sisters who play sisters, who are a year apart!


SH: How excited are you that the show has been renewed for a second season?

Dani and Dannah: We are thrilled. It's a blessing and we are grateful that we get to do this again with our amazing castmates who we love!


SH: Is there anything you're really looking forward to being able to do in the next season?

Dani and Dannah: We're looking forward to growing up on the show! Our dream is to have a show where we look back and say, wow—we started when we were 7 and 8, and now we're 17 and 18.


SH: You've also had some pretty incredible viral videos on YouTube. Anything you can tease for your channel?

Dani and Dannah: Yes, thank you! Get ready for some super fun music videos. You may see some of your favorite celebrities and influencers!


SH: Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Dani and Dannah: We have a few projects we're working on, including music, fashion and of course more film and TV! Make sure you're following us on all social media @danianddannah so you don't miss anything!


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