This Female Empowerment Fragrance Line Finds the Perfect Scent to Match Your Personality

We all know how difficult it is to nail the perfect personal fragrance.

With so many forms (oils, sprays, lotions, beads) and ingredients to choose from, how are you supposed to know what's right for you, specifically? Some people smell great with a spritz of lavender, while others definitely vibe with a more citrusy scent.

Well, luckily for all girls out there, DefineMe's fragrance line, created by Jennifer McKay Newton, gets to the bottom of this dilemma by providing a personality quiz to match you with the aroma that suits you best!

And an added bonus? As part of the DefineMe Dollar program, for every full-sized fragrance purchased, $1 goes to scholarships for girls in low-income countries.

We took the quiz ourselves and were accurately matched up with Peyton, which just so happens to be our fave of the bunch. Let's find out if you'll be rockin' a similar scent.


(Photo courtesy of DefineMe Fragrance)

Once you're done taking your quiz and have matched with one of the six fragrance options, keep scrolling below and get to know the whole story behind this adorable line, straight from the founder's mouth!

jennifer mckay newton, founder of defineme fragrances

(Photo credit: Aurelia D'Amore)

Sweety High: How did you decide upon your different scents and how long was the selection process?

Jennifer McKay Newton: I started with the positive affirmations I wanted people to feel while wearing the scents. For example: The positive affirmation of Audry is love and to feel loved. I then asked the question, "What does love smell like?" and what came to my mind was a big bouquet of gorgeous fresh romantic flowers. All of the fragrances have a meaning behind them and the scents are meant to smell like it.

I'm self taught, and because of that, it took me four years of trial, error and experimenting to create the fragrances. It's one of the most difficult things I've ever had to create.


SH: How did you come up with the different names of the scents?

JMN: The names were inspired by the scent itself and also the meaning. To use Audry again as an example I asked the question, "Who would wear this scent?" The name Audry seemed feminine, romantic and beautiful, just like the scent.


SH: Before creating your own fragrance line, what lines did you wear most? Were there any in particular that influenced your own brand?

JMN: This is a great question, and ironically I'm not a fragrance collector, I'm more what we call "a nose" in the fragrance business. I have a very sensitive sense of smell and I'm able to pick up subtle nuances in scents. Depending on my mood I like everything from bright, floral scents to oriental musks. I love to blend scents to go with my mood or what I have planned that day. This is what inspired me to make all our scents blendable with each other. As women, we're a lot more than just one note, and I wanted the fragrances to respect that fact.

The fragrance that influenced my brand—not so much the scent of it, but how it affected me personally—is Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. I bought a bottle when I was a teen and it reminded me of the first time I traveled to Paris. I was astonished that a scent could bring back that type of emotional connection to a memory.


SH: What's the most important thing to consider when it comes to selecting a personal scent?

JMN: How it makes you feel. Close your eyes, and when you inhale, it should put a smile on your face and you should think to yourself "mmmmm," this is really nice. Then you know that scent is yours.


(Photo courtesy of DefineMe Fragrance)


SH: Describe the typical consumer you are trying to attract.

JMN: Our customers are females who are open to trying something new in their beauty regimen, they love the meaning behind the fragrances and love the giving back aspect of what we do. They are also all about female empowerment which is a very strong message we like to promote—not to mention, she loves fashion like all our ladies!


SH: Aside from the charity factor, what else can you tell me about the line in your own words?

JMN: Every bottle represents mold-breaking, barrier-crushing women that speak to the qualities we strive for: being confident, strong, creative, free-spirited, loving, passionate, grateful and fearless! They're blendable so you can create a unique scent based on your mood. It's important for us to use natural and organic ingredients whenever we can and to be vegan and cruelty-free.


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