Decocrated's Decor Subscription Box Helped Me Get My Space Perfectly Fall-Ready

Yes, fall is officially upon us, which means it's time to dust off those fall decorations to really help you get in the spirit.

However, if you're anything like me, you might not actually have any autumnal decor that doesn't lean into the spooky Halloween side of things. Skeletons, bats and witches don'exactly scream "fall," so what's a girl to do?

Enter Decocrated, the seasonal subscription box for all of your decorating needs. The folks behind the box were kind enough to provide me with their fall 2021 box for review, and it includes everything I need to bask in the spirit of fall, short of a pumpkin spice latte.

The Brand

Decocrated is a quarterly decor subscription box, offering high-quality, seasonally appropriate products for all of your decorating needs, any time of year. Boxes arrive once a season and include up to eight highly curated items, plus decorating tips—and believe me, it's stuff you'll actually want to place around the house. Subscriptions also come with access to exclusive items in the brand's members-only decor shop. Plus, they have twice-a-year holiday add-on boxes, which only members can purchase.

You can either pay quarterly, and get four seasonal boxes per year at $79.99 each, or pay for the full year and receive each one for $75 (saving $20).


The Fall Box

This year's fall box includes a double-sided 4″ x 6″ art print, a metal and wood pumpkin, two candle holders, a wooden ladder, a crescent moon mirror, two tea towels and a string of festive wooden beads to tie them all together. According to the brand, this box's themes are fall botanicals, harvest moons and webbed accents, and we love the way the warm woods, golden finishes and fall leaf colors all work together.

Decocrated fall box contents

(via Decocrated)


First is the art print. It's small—about the size of a photograph—but that also makes it pretty versatile, whether you want to frame it, pin it to the wall or just lean it up against something for a fun accent. Plus, I enjoy that it has a lighter side and a more spooky side for whatever mood you're in at the moment.

Decocrated fall art print

(via Decocrated)


Next is the pumpkin. Now, most pumpkin-shaped decorations can lean a little bit too far into the realm of Halloween for my tastes (especially when it's still September), but the fact that this pumpkin is green metal with a wooden accent, and that it's the outline of the pumpkin rather than the full shape, makes its use far more flexible. I love the color and the negative space, and the fact you can put something inside of it also really opens up your options.

Decocrated metal pumpkin

(via Decocrated)


And then there's this gorgeous mirror. I'm a huge fan of the design, which is subtle yet unmistakably a crescent moon, and the black and gold of it are just beautiful. I haven't figured out quite where I want to hang mine up in the house just yet, but I can assure you that it is not coming down when autumn ends. It's a staple I plan to keep around for a long time.

Decocrated moon mirror

(via Decocrated)


And these tea towels are just too cute. The spider web towel is definitely more Halloween-themed, but because the web looks like a simple geometric pattern, you can really use it any time of year. The orange leaf towel, on the other hand, is awesomely autumnal, and I love laying it over surfaces to create bright, contrasty spaces for placing all of my favorite things.

Decocrated fall teatowels

(via Decocrated)


For example, look how good the Decocrated candle holders look on the tea towel, especially topped with these gorgeous seasonal Beeswax Co. candles. The deep wood color complements the gold beautifully, and I love that they sit at different heights. Once I get around to using up these almost too-cute-to-burn candles, I'm sure I'll be able to get more use out of them outside of the fall months.

Decocrated fall candle holders

(via Decocrated)


And look—they look just as good next to the metal pumpkin!

Decocrated metal pumpkin

(via Decocrated)


Here, I've added even more of the contents of the box to create a little scene. The tiny wooden ladder inside of the box is great for hanging your tea towels, stringing up beads and garlands and more, but I like using it as a seat for stuffed animals, and this Kermit seems quite comfy there. I've also added the string of beads for an additional pop of color. It'so festive for fall, and I love it.

Decocrated box with wooden ladder

(via Decocrated)


Bottom Line

When it comes to interior design, I tend to fill my space with pop culture toys, and that's pretty much it, so I love that Decocrated has managed to make my space slightly more sophisticated, and way more seasonal. The items make it effortless to decorate, and best of all (unlike the majority of subscription boxes) I actually want to keep all of the stuff inside. Nice decor can also be pretty pricey, so the $80 price tag feels about right. I probably would have spent that much on the mirror alone. The brand takes all of the guesswork out of decorating for the season, and that's why they've won me as a fan.


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