Say Bye Bye to Peach Fuzz With This Revolutionary Dermaplane Tool

Although losing weight and learning how to properly apply makeup are actions that take time, we underestimate the little things we can do to make ourselves instantly look and feel better.

From getting a mani, to hopping in the spray tan booth, it doesn't take much to give our appearance an immediate extra boost.

Getting rid of peach fuzz on our face is one of many things we can do to kick up our look a few notches. Unfortunately, peach fuzz cannot be removed via laser, and when our faces are covered with this white, seemingly harmless hair, it prevents our makeup from going on smoothly and clouds the view of our potentially flawless skin.

Welp, that's where Dermaflash swoops in to save the day. The electronic dermaplane tool, used to essentially shave your face, will have your moneymaker clear of those frustrating fuzzies in mere minutes.

As someone who used to use a years-old, battery-operated As Seen on TV product to give me the bare minimum hair-removal results, this new development sounded nothing short of thrilling to me. I couldn't wait to (hopefully) toss the old thing out the window in exchange for the Dermaflash!

dermaflash-finishing-touch-080917And so began my trial. I felt just like a high schooler when I invited over two friends on a Friday night and set up my bedroom with candles, fun music, snacks and my oil diffusers on full blast with the fresh scent of citrus filling the air. My girls and I made an entire night of testing out the product.

The end result? This fresh face below! Keep reading on how you can make the most of the Dermaflash, too.


How to Prep

For starters, be sure to charge the battery device overnight. Do not charge it with the actual razor tool attached to it or it will not charge. Once you've charged overnight, you can turn on the razor tool by pressing tightly on its blue button. Once you're ready to rock, apply the Step 1 prep cleanser all over your face and wash with warm water. Boom, ready to go!


How to Use

Pull back your cheeks while making small, feather-like strokes with the tool. You may have to go over the same areas multiple times, depending on your hair's coarseness. Be sure to apply the Step 3 Soothe hydrating balm after you're completely done. This will ensure your skin doesn't totally dry out. Basically, follow the little clip below and you should be set.

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What to Expect

Once you feel like you've eliminated an adequate amount of fuzz off your face, you can expect your makeup to go on impressively smoother. Your face will also feel much softer and your moisturizer will soak in much better. Note that this is not a long-term fix for the issue at hand. Depending on how quickly the hair on your face grows, you'll likely need to use this tool at least once a week, if not more. I've personally started using it every other day, but that's just me.

And good news for anyone who wants to try it! Use the code DAHVI20 at checkout to receive 20% off of your order.



Although this product is indeed considered safe for the face, it still technically involves a razor, which means you should definitely run this procedure by mom before getting down to it. Also, if you have sensitive skin or are prone to breakouts, check with a dermatologist before using this.


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