Butter and Tabasco? Not the first flavors that come to mind when thinking of a sweet treat.

But because we thrive on the unusual, we thought it was time to officially add these rarities to the conversation.

Scroll below for a few noteworthy lollipop flavors that you ordinarily wouldn’t associate with candy.

1. Tabasco Lollipops

There’s more than one way to spice up your life and who says it can’t involve a lollipop? Tabasco is usually reserved for foods of the fried variety, but this might just be the perfect sweet and savory combo you’ve been seeking.

tobasco lollipops

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2. Bacon Lollipops

There will never be a time when bacon doesn’t sound good, even when it’s in candy form, amirite?

bacon lollipops

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3. Mustache Lollipops

The odd part of this particular lollipop isn’t the flavor, but the design. Even if you don’t normally see a mustache shaped like a piece of candy, it’s totally a two-in-one, folks. Super sweet photo booth prop or delicious midday snack? We’ll let you decide.

mustache lollipops

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4. Blueberry Jasmine Lollipops

The addition of jasmine to this lollipop definitely ups its chances of being in a perfume ad. Grab yourself one of these for something flavorful and interesting that goes beyond your average treat.

blueberry jasmine lollipops

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5. Rice Krispie Treat Lollipops

Rice Krispie treats are perfect in every form, so why should a lollipop be any different?

rice krispie treat lollipops

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6. Butter Lollipops

We’ll admit to being skeptical of this flavor, but that’s never stopped us before. Butter makes most things better. That has to include candy too, right?

butter lollipops

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Even though the holidays are over, that doesn’t mean the candy binge has to come to an end. If you think these lollipop flavors are out there, you’ll have to see THESE even more bizarre candy cane flavors.