This Devoted Fan Will Put Your Love of Disneyland to Shame

If you thought you were Disneyland's biggest fan, think again.

Jeff Reitz, a 44-year-old veteran living in California, has faithfully visited the happiest place on earth for 2,000 days in a row—and he's not done yet!

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Jeff started his daily visits to the park in January 2012 after receiving his first annual pass as a gift. For a while, the pass was an important tool in keeping Jeff positive and cheerful as he dealt with a frustrating period of unemployment. With 98 days left in his first annual pass, Jeff started a full-time job at the Long Beach, California, VA Hospital, but his daily trips to the park didn't stop.

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Almost five and a half years after his journey began, Jeff has officially earned a Guinness World Record for his unfailing devotion to the Disney park. Jeff insists that he still has so much to learn about the world of Disney, and he plans to continue his visits for years to come.

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