This Instagram Artist Creates Some of Disney's Most Iconic Characters Using Only Food

Artists have all sorts of canvases—Laleh Mohmedi's just happens to be her son's breakfast, lunch and dinner plate.

Laleh, known by her Instagram alias, @jacobs_food_diaries, makes healthy food fun for her son Jacob by using a variety of fresh ingredients to bring to life some of our all-time favorite movie and TV characters.

We spoke to Laleh about how she was inspired to transform his food into art and what goes into creating each unique masterpiece.

Scroll below to see some of the art for yourself!

Sweety High: What inspired you to start making this fun food art for your son?
Laleh Mohmedi: Last May I turned my son's spelt pancakes into a lion—he absolutely loved it, and it progressed from there.


SH: How do you decide what you will create?

LM: Jacob tells me which character he would like for me to make!


SH: How long does it typically take to create each meal?
LM: This depends on the meal. To save time, I prep all the cold elements (facial features) while the hot elements (pasta sauce, meat, rice) are cooking.


SH: So tell us, is it hard to watch your masterpieces being eaten?

LM: Not at all—Jacob's enjoyment is well-worth it!

SH: What's your favorite food creation you've made and why?

LM: I absolutely love Carl from UP. I've made him several ways (spelt burger, mash potatoes and a 3D version). I love everything about him. Even when he is grumpy he is adorable!


SH: What's the weirdest combination of food you've ever used?

LM: I mainly use ingredients that would be eaten as a whole meal. The weirdest, however, would have to be using fungus with mashed potato and cream cheese for the Red Queen creation I made. This was not for Jacob to eat. ????


SH: When you make these creations, are you focused more on how they look, or how they taste? How do you figure out what food items will look aesthetically pleasing as well as taste delicious?

LM: Because these are meals that my son eats, my main focus is taste. My meals mainly consists of fresh healthy produce which helps it to look aesthetically pleasing.


SH: Do you think anyone can pull of fantastic meals like yours?
LM: Yes, definitely! I encourage everyone to have some fun in the kitchen, even if you are not creative. Jacob joins me in making food art and he absolutely loves it. Jacob's excitement from the first one I made to the ones I make now has not changed!

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