Disney's Live-Action Mulan Found Its Leading Man—Here's What We Know About Yoson An

Let's get down to business. No, not to defeat the Huns—we have something much more important to do. Disney has cast Yoson An in the live-action Mulan, so we all want to know more about him.

Yoson is set to play Chen Honghui, according to The Hollywood Reporter, which places him opposite the film's star, Liu Yifei.

His character is an army recruit in Commander Tung's unit who is reportedly "confident and ambitious" and becomes Mulan's ally and then love interest. This differs a bit from the 1998 animated film, in which Mulan fell for the man training the new recruits, Captain Li Shang.

Mulan is not Yoson's first role, but it's his biggest to date. He started out in theater and took his first role on screen in 2012, according to NZ on Screen. By 2013, he'd landed a starring role in a feature-length film, a horror flick called Ghost BrideYoson went on to nab roles in the HBO Asia miniseries Grace and the Australian TV series Dead Lucky, among others. In addition to Mulan, he'll appear in the upcoming films Mortal Engines and The Meg, according to THR.

As for Yoson's personal life, he was born in China and later moved to New Zealand, where his career took off. Having lived in multiple countries, he's multilingual. The actor speaks Cantonese and Mandarin, according to his IMDb bio, in addition to English. His bio on the site shares that he's an experienced martial artist. Not only is he reportedly a black belt in karate, but he's skilled at kickboxing and ninjutsu. That should come in handy in Mulan.

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An is active on Instagram under the handle yosonsoy, where he posts photos from the sets of his various projects as well as from his everyday life. (Could the one posted above have something to do with all the horseback riding required for Mulan? ????) He has a Twitter account and a Facebook page, too, but doesn't seem to use either regularly. Whether or not you opt to follow him, you'll likely be seeing more of him in the months ahead now that he's starring in Mulan.


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