The Latest Disney Loungefly Backpacks Are Gorgeous and Perfect for Fall

We don't need a magic mirror to tell us where the fairest backpacks of them all are this back-to-school season. Based on what we've seen online, they're at Disney Parks.

Disney Style recently shared the latest Disney Loungefly backpacks, and they're gorgeous. They're worthy of all the Mouse House's princesses—and everyone who wants to be them.

The bags are on the smaller side, but as the Disney Style Instagram account notes, they're "the most beautiful lil backpacks." The one above is inspired by the exterior of the "It's a Small World" ride, and the gold-and-white combo is stunning. If it's not your style, though, there are other options.

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All in all, Disney Style introduced three backpacks, and the others are just as photo-worthy. One is inspired by the Haunted Mansion and looks like a lovely purple-and-black wallpaper, and the other is a shiny rainbow Mickey backpack. Unfortunately, Disney Style didn't reveal any prices, and right now, they're only available at Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort.

While the bags may not be easy to buy yet, we're holding out hope that they'll be available eventually.


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