Disney Launched More Rose Gold Accessories, and Here's Where to Get Them (But It's Hard)

Last summer, Disney gave us the rose gold Minnie Mouse ears we never knew we needed. Now, those rose gold beauties aren't the only sequined Minnie-themed accessories to obsess over.

Disney began selling a rose gold backpack and wallet at its parks on June 7, according to Cosmopolitan.

The items are just as beautiful as you're probably imagining, if not more so. They immediately made a splash on Instagram; it was heart-eye emojis all around as soon as the Disney Style account showed them off.

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Unfortunately, there's bad news to go with the good: The Loungefly-designed backpack was in such high demand that it sold out fast. Cosmopolitan reports that the bag, which retails for $85, sold out at Disneyland on Day 1.

Many parkgoers shared their own experiences, and it sounds like it was hard to get their hands on them. One woman wrote on Instagram she "almost [got] jumped in the store" when she bought the last two.

With the public so eager to spend their money on the rose gold accessories, we assume Disney will want to bring the goods back at some point. Whenever that happens, you'll have to make your way to a Disney park to buy them. The alternative would be buying one through a third-party on a site like eBay, but that means paying a markup. This one is set at $125.99, not including shipping, for example.

Maybe we'll just eye them longingly on Instagram instead…


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