Disney Princess-Inspired Dessert Recipes You Must Try

No matter which Disney princess is your kindred spirit, we can almost guarantee there's a recipe inspired by her.

That's why we went on the hunt for sweet treats that fit this bill and we were not disappointed. Dive into your next dessert obsession below.

1. Dinglehopper Cake Pops

It's time to break out your finest dinglehoppers and make THESE adorable Ariel-inspired cake pops.

Dinglehopper cake pops

(via Disney)


2. Grey Stuff Brownies

Okay, take a leaf from Belle's book and actually try the grey stuff, it really is delicious. Although grey isn't usually an appealing color when it comes to food, THIS chocolate mousse is obviously the exception.

Grey Stuff brownies

(via Olivia's Cuisine)


3. Traditional New Orleans Beignets

Make Tiana proud by making THESE traditional New Orleans beignets. This deep-fried, fluffy snack isn't too difficult to make and is the perfect after-dinner dessert. We always knew Tiana was a smart gal.

Traditional New Orleans beignets

(via Sugar and Charm)


4. Poison Apple Cake Pops

If you're more of a Snow White fan, then you're also in luck. THESE poison apple cake pops don't only have to be made around Halloween. They're spooky, but we'd eat them year-round.

Poison apple cake pops

(via The Kitchen McCabe)


5. Rapunzel Tower Cupcakes

We squealed with delight after finding THIS amazing recipe for Rapunzel tower-style cupcakes. The ice cream cones make all the difference when it comes to these little beauties.

Rapunzel tower cupcakes

(via Bird On a Cake)


6. Magic Wand Rice Krispies Treats

THESE magical Rice Krispies treats are oh-so-cute and totally Instagram-worthy. Make a large batch, we suspect they'll be gone at the stroke of midnight, too. 

Magic wand rice krispies treats

(via Mom Endeavors)


7. Frozen-Inspired White Chocolate-Covered Banana Cake Snowballs

Luckily, you won't need below-freezing temperatures to make THESE crazy snowballs. There are quite a few elements that go into it, but if Elsa can use them to her advantage, so can you!

Frozen-inspired snowballs

(via Nibbles and Feasts)


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